Monday, September 04, 2006

update for the BTBz

hey all.

emma and i are going to be in columbus starting sometime friday afternoon through probably tuesday sometime. not sure what everyone wants to do or can afford. chumpassfool is thinking of throwing a get-together on saturday for the richmond race and the OSU/texas game. that should cover the evening. was wondering what, if anything, anyone wanted to do the rest of the weekend. i was thinking kahoots friday night, but if that is too expensive, maybe a bar, gameworks, adobe gilas, or wherever it is you kids go nowadays. i want her to meet everyone and i'd also like to go out and experience the nightlife a bit. whatever anyone can think of. get back to me with ideas. if you can make it to kahoots on friday night or if you have a better suggestion. let's have some fun. i'm also open to suggestions for anything emma should see in columbus for the other days i'm in town. if people aren't working during the day or whatnot we can all get together for something. later.

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