Tuesday, March 28, 2006

J Ho's Bristol Scrapbook

The weekend down Bristol for NASCAR excitement had it's many memorable moments....

Here is a familiar site on Interstate 77:

Here is the gayest water tower in Tennessee:

I've heard that slogan before:

T and I arrived at the campsite [you've seen how close to the track we are(see prev. posts)] on Friday at 8 pm to 30F temp and cold rain and wind chill.... and mud:

On Saturday, we had a cold morning and spitting snow. So Chad, T, and I go out to the souvenir trailers to shop and to get "seat cushions" or aptly named:

While walking around the trailers, a heavier snow begins to fall:

Here is T and Chumpassfool posing in the winter wonderland:

Well, the race starts and a big snow storm rolls through. The perfect-packing snow started a big snow fight. Even the pit crew got involved:

Sunday proved a better day; just in time for the Nextel Cup race. Chad got to meet his favorite driver Dale Jr.:

I, then, ran into Jeff Gordon. I know how Russ hates Gordo and the Steelers so I get my photo with Jeff wearing a Steeler hat. Jeff was much obliged to cooperate (he's heard about Russ):

T searched and searched and he finally found his SoulMate. Tony seemed to want T's genetalia:

The next day was time to load up the Jeep and head back to cbus:

There are a lot of things I will never forget like:

The Neighbors (they happened to be from Buckeye Lake, Ohio, and they loved Everclear and a lot of other liquers):

I was the Skoal Racing Champion when I beat out 10 other competitors in NASCAR 06:

The food trailer by the campsite provided me with the continued life support I needed during the weekend. Bless you. Bless you:

And I can't forget:

I Can't forget. Please, make me forget.


jean said...

juddy...great pictures...hope you guys had a good time...know the weather was terrible but chad said you three made the most of it...keep up the great posts...
love you all..chad's mom, jean

jean said...

by the way i would recognize that crack anywhere

slyght said...

man, looks like everyone had a good time, too bad i missed it. maybe next time.

and when did juddy become grizzly adams? did he read in the farmer's almanac that there would be snow so he PREPARED in advance? damn gina.