Sunday, April 29, 2007

It is working.

To those who believe that the U.S. troop surge in Iraq is working, here is 'your' evidence that it actually does work. This is just atrocious!!! The main killer of Iraqis and Americans is not included in the Administration's figures!! Just so they can say that without being entirely being deceitful.

This site used to be 'Knight-Ridder' news, until it was bought by McClatchy News. If you want to read some REAL news instead of the slanted reports we get on ANY other news source, then check out this news site. These were the people screaming before the war that the Bush Admin's justification was a bunch of BULLSHIT!!!! But nobody heard them because Bushie Papers like the Washington Post and New York Times bought the BS and printed it. This site lists daily Iraq violence (at least the ones that WERE reported). You will see a lot more violence listed than any other so-called news site.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Because I have a working 360...

I can play Guitar Hero II tonight when I get home. Thank you GameStop in Fuquay for taking my annoying phone calls this week as I tried to time your weekly restocking shipment. They received 4 and still had to fill 3 preorders from last week. Yours truly got the only one available for sale. Time to rock out with my c0ck out.

I can golf as Rick Wasko playing Tiger Woods '07. Now to give him Z's old (well way too young) Turkmani girlfriend's body.

I don't want to kill myself or those around me. T, hang in there.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Albert Einstein once said....

if the bees dissappear, the human race can last only 4 years. Well, the bees are dissappearing. I am sure scientists have already came up with other methods to replace bees? Yes, they have.... but it doesn't work.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Can We Just...

Give Texas back to Mexico? It will save our country in more ways than one. I'm sure the people who are pushing for this has never read nor follow the book.

And speaking of hypocrites....this pastor takes the cake.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

any goings-on this weekend?

this BTB is bored out of his skull so i was wondering if anyone is doing anything or willing to do anything this weekend in columbus? i can help J&C pack during the day maybe if that will motivate anyone to do something friday, saturday, and/or sunday. i can bring my XBOX 360 and we can nerd it out, maybe one night? get back to me, i'm bored.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Nascar 08 Hands On

Shake and bake! Oh no! Force feedback steering wheel support. Why do I get the feeling we'll be yelling at J Ho more than slyght for causing wrecks.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08 First Look

WOW! The franchise that changed video game golf is doing it again this summer. You can read the full article here, check out the pics, but I'm going to post a few bullet points:

  • The new Photo Face feature is the next logical evolution of the character creator, known in Tiger as Game Face. The idea isn't new: take a picture of yourself and upload it on a character model. While we've seen this before with mixed results in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas, Tiger 08 takes it to an entirely new level. First you import a front and side photo from the Xbox Live Vision Camera, the Sony Eye Toy or a picture on your PC. Next you simply match up a number of markers with key points on your face, like eyes, nose, lips, ears and chin (a template shows you exactly where to put the points). Finally, hit go and Tiger 08 starts building a brand new character head (rather than wrapping a photo texture around a blank face as in Rainbow Six).
  • User-created gameplay took shape in a new challenge system. Let's say you're 300 yards out and stick the ball inches from the pin on the highest difficulty setting. EA has set point values for all of these variables. The longer the shot, the more points you get. The closer to the hole, the more points you get. The higher the difficulty setting, the more points you get. Once you upload the clip and the point value is set, other gamers can download it and try to beat your shot, earning these challenge points along the way.
  • We also know that there will be only 15 courses on the PS3 and 360 -- too few, we say. But look for Boston, Westchester, Cog Hill and the rest of the FedEx Cup courses to be included.

Michael Waltrip...

is in TROUBLE!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

here goes nothin'

Double Standard?

ok, what don imus said was stupid. still, i've heard worse, i'm sure even worse than what i've heard has been said. still, i don't think blacks are nearly as oppressed as they used to be. there is going to be bigotry against different people, against jews, and mexicans, and arabs for a long time to come. it's a part of being human. we are afraid of things that are different. we, as a culture are improving bit by bit, generation by generation. in my opinion, this was a spur-of-the-moment bad joke in bad taste.

and the beauty of it, it gives the reverends al sharpton and jesse jackson a reason to jump back into the spotlight. who the hell is al sharpton to demand imus's resignation? he's a reverand, a pastor, someone who should be versed in forgiveness and showing someone the error of their ways, not retaliation and retribution, that's up to his "god" to take care of, but he couldn't make money that way. imus was man enough to go on sharpton's radio show to apologize to his audience (i'm guessing primarily black), and sharpton still asked for his resignation. wtf?! sharpton and jackson aren't civil rights leaders/activists, they are the racial equivalent of ambulance chasers.

there's long been the arguments... what if someone made WET, "white entertainment television" in response to BET, black entertainment television. what if there was an NAAWP in response to the NAACP? i'm sure there are white people that are discriminated against in one way or another that would benefit (bums, white kids in black neighborhoods, etc.). these people do exist.

so... what would happen if someone came out to defend "the white man" against the dangerous ideas (i don't think this guy was joking, being it was C-SPAN) of mr. kamau kambon in this clip? calling for him to be... i don't know, arrested, monitored, followed because of his threatening remark against all white people on the planet. i just don't get it. granted, the situation isn't exactly equal but there is a definite double-standard here.

maybe i'll be the white al sharpton (but with better hair and no need for religious affiliation).


Kermit. I actually know the guy who directed/edited/created this video. I don't know who the voice of Kermit is.

Monday, April 09, 2007

"mingos" for a bathrobe?

while at bristol, we went to a place called "the sportsman's club". T talked about it here since he was at home and we didn't have internet at the track. at the bar, we drank, played pool, got our asses generally handed to us by RogerDodger, and met phyllis. phyllis seems to be a local barfly, generally friendly and quite outgoing after she's had a beer or 20. i used to wear bathrobes quite religiously, starting in high school and continuing over to my years in college. fully dressed, then put the robe on. i miss it, actually, so i brought a few to the race.

phyllis wanted to trade my robe for her "mingos". her "mingos" are her flamingo pajama pants she had on under her blue nylon pants. she wanted my robe BAD!! you can see here that she attempted to give me a lap dance to convince me to trade. she'd pulled her nylon pants down in the bar to show everyone. the bartender had to come over at one point and told her not to take her clothes off anymore or she was getting thrown out. it was funny. so, here, for your viewing pleasure... me being "seduced" because of my sexy robe.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

B-Town Boyz Make National T.V.

Early Sunday morning, Bristol, Tennessee. BTB'z Chump, JHo, and Slyght (a.k.a. Z) arise from bed to greet the day they've been practicing all week for... race day. All the boozing and drunken nights since Tuesday when they arrived have led up to this. One last day to celebrate NASCAR. One last horrah to send vacation out with a bang. One last opportunity to get shitty drunk before returning to the real world. What better way to face the morning sun than a few brews and a walk to the Jack Daniels tent to start things off real good. I had a couple Jack 'n' Cokes, Z had at least one straight and JHo finished off with a Bloody Mary. The buzz was kickin' in and it was time to get on the move. Z still had some souvenir shopping to do. While walking around the track we encountered the Speed crew's live broadcast of Nascar RaceDay built by the Home Depot. With the crowd already a hundred deep, we stopped to witness the spectacle and catch up on some beer while we were at it. Looming in the very back of the crowd, far away from the camera's eye, JHo was handed something. It wasn't any illegal drugs or religious literature as you might expect, but a huge American flag. "What have we got here?" I thought to myself. To which I answered to myself, "...our best chance to get on T.V." We grabbed the flag and then our cell phones to call friends and family back home to watch for us. After a half-hour or so we had had enough. There was still shopping and drinking to do and we had to be moving on. The question of whether or not we made it on live t.v. weighed heavily on everyones mind. There may be no way to tell. Maybe we just missed out on our only chance to show this world what the B-Town Boyz are really made of! But alas, there's no more worrying. WE DID IT! WE REALLY DID IT!