Monday, April 09, 2007

"mingos" for a bathrobe?

while at bristol, we went to a place called "the sportsman's club". T talked about it here since he was at home and we didn't have internet at the track. at the bar, we drank, played pool, got our asses generally handed to us by RogerDodger, and met phyllis. phyllis seems to be a local barfly, generally friendly and quite outgoing after she's had a beer or 20. i used to wear bathrobes quite religiously, starting in high school and continuing over to my years in college. fully dressed, then put the robe on. i miss it, actually, so i brought a few to the race.

phyllis wanted to trade my robe for her "mingos". her "mingos" are her flamingo pajama pants she had on under her blue nylon pants. she wanted my robe BAD!! you can see here that she attempted to give me a lap dance to convince me to trade. she'd pulled her nylon pants down in the bar to show everyone. the bartender had to come over at one point and told her not to take her clothes off anymore or she was getting thrown out. it was funny. so, here, for your viewing pleasure... me being "seduced" because of my sexy robe.

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themom said...

All I can say is "OH MY GOD!!" You are such a chick magnet!!g