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He Died for Your WINS

This picture was taken last night at Comfest. With the exception of the random topless women, you just never know what to expect.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Times... They Are A'Changin'

Twenty-some-odd years will do that to ya!

The End Is Near

I know what you're thinking. T's full of shit. Well lets take a look at the signs:

1. JHo has gone POLITICAL.
2. Slyght's trying to be more FRIENDLY.
3. Chumpassfool is going GREEN.

That makes us half way to the end of the world. There are three more events that we have to prevent:

1. Redness answering his phone everytime someone calls.
2. Wasko becoming a safe driver.

And the end all be all:
3. C becoming sober.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to start building my underground shelter. Good luck to us all.

I've Been Feelin' GREEN Lately...

It's weird how people can complete change their beliefs and behaviors, even in something that seems unnecessary or mundane. And the change is absolute and definite. I'm being a little obscure, so I'll give you an example. When I turned 16 and got my driver's license, I wore my seatbelt. Not too remarkable except that I NEVER wore a seatbelt before in my life; in fact, I didn't know ANYBODY who regularly wore their seatbelt. But I did, and eventually so did my parents, and friends, and their friends, etc, and now, 14 years later, EVERYBODY I know wears a seatbelt. That's the kinda change I'm talking about. Now of course there's been state laws that are much more strict on seatbelt violators, but that wasn't the reason WE changed. It's really just an issue of safety and something we NEEDED to do. Thats an interesting phenomenon. I noticed it happening but never really paid much attention to it, until now, in retrospect. Interestingly enough, I see another change happening right now.

I don't want to get off on some crazy environmental rant (a la JHO's politico...), but I just want to know if anybody else sees this coming. As the title states, I've been feeling GREEN lately. I've been watching a lot of shows on television lately and read many articles on the internet about being GREEN, or eco-friendly. Basically GREEN is about saving energy and thus our planet. Dare I say Al Gore started the revolution with his documentary about the eminent danger of global warming An Inconvenient Truth, which by the way, you MUST see - fantastically done and incredibly informative to say the least. Then the Discovery Channel started airing shows that showed the importance of thinking GREEN and trying to reduce our dependence on rapidly decreasing supplies of foreign petroleum. Even This Old House renovated a 5-star (highest rating) GREEN house on it's last project in Texas. Even WalMart has started a GREEN initiative by promoting low-energy fluorescent light bulbs which use significantly less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. Just imagine the energy that could be saved if every WalMart customer would replace just one bulb with an energy-efficient fluorescent. I've already replace a few bulbs in my apartment.

I could go on and on, but its not necessary. I feel a revolution coming and a change in thinking. If we want to sustain this planet (at least until the sun burns out), we need to start now. Its not necessary to change everything we do, but every little thing can help out.

I found the video below and thought this guy demonstrates a very good point. And he does it in such a way that everyone can understand it. (He even includes a logic chart so us linearly-thinking nerds can understand.) I know the video is a little long, almost 10 minutes, but give it a chance.

Interesting Argument About Global Warming - Watch more free videos

Let me know what you think. Am I crazy or a hypocrite jumping on the eco-green-bandwagon? Maybe I'm just full of shit, but I can sense a change coming.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

For all those with everyday troubles...

at least you aren't these guys.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Start saving or start making excuses

All signs point to that we're going to have T's bachelor party in Myrtle Beach sometime in September. Here's the early info:

We are looking at a 4 bedroom condo ON THE FREAKING BEACH! This place is only available over Labor Day weekend. The cost? Yeah, $563.10 TOTAL. It might be a bit overkill. It has one king, one queen, four twins, and a sleeper sofa. If we don't have that many coming, there's a three bedroom that is available that week and for the rest of the month and is about a c-note less for the weekend. Just remember we'll have to take an extra day of vacation if we don't go over Labor Day.

I've been to this place before. It is P-I-M-P. It's got a full kitchen including fridge for lots of beer. Did I mention it is oceanfront? Also it has a lazy river. I can't think of a group more lazy than us. Also, we're thinking that we'd stay in Myrtle on Friday and Saturday nights right now... so that's where the $563 price tag comes from.

Talk to me or T for the location. We don't need all the B-Town fanz mobbing the place for autographs. We need to move on this pretty fast, so get in touch with questions and expect a (drunken) phone call soon.

His Game Was On Fire

I hope it was a good shot.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

For Those Who Are...

tired of those 'same old, same old' OTHER blog sites, here are funny videos from what I believe to be from Japanese game shows.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's almost time....

for the Dublin Irish Festival!!! Need more "Dancin' T"!!!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

islam propaganda

here is a bit of muslim propaganda masquerading as an intelligent debate between a wearer and non-wearer of a hijab. this is the same culture/religion that believes it's OK to beat your wife, no really, they like it, it makes them feel masculine.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Because I DON'T Have a Working 360...

1. Forza 2 has been sitting on my mantle unplayed since I picked it up on release day after I had preordered it. At this point, Chad has completed the same number of laps as I have.

2. T has passed me up on Guitar Hero II. At last check he only has one song left to 5 star on medium. I have 3.

3. Brandt Stewart played Aegis Wing with Juddy and T. I take full responsibility for this reprehensive occurance.

4. I sit in my chair, holding my controller, yelling at the TV "Here come the Mexicans, 11 o'clock, behind the big rock. I'm throwing smoke now. T, get ready to put down some C4 on that vehicle." or "Juddy, come get me. I'm down." or "T? T? T, you there? Juddy, is T dead? Juddy? Shit, are you dead too? Fukk..." In reality, the controller is off and the Lifetime movie of the week is on the TV.

5. Self-gratification has lost all its fun.

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Friday, June 08, 2007


i can't believe they let paris hilton out for an "undisclosed" medical condition in the first place. i think that sheriff was paid mighty well to go along with that story. what medical condition could she have that never stopped her from being her useless self at every celebrity bash available? my best guess is delirium tremens (the DTs), general drug withdrawal, or a rampant herpes outbreak. she's a waste. if i ever come up with a title for my other blog about useless or dangerous people, she's #1 on the list.

now she's praying and saying "i love you" to her parents. she says it's not fair the same way a little kid who isn't allowed a cookie after breaking the jar says it's not fair. i DO love that picture though.

and since we are on a boob streak, she's good for flashing those too.

More Boobies

You Asked for 'Em

So much for anti-stalking laws...

for those hard up for anything sexual....

we salute you. Sure, our ports are still not secured, people abroad want America destroyed more than ever, Paris Hilton is out of jail, and religion still rules our politics, but now for more important stuff....

Girls on Trampolines!!

For Those Who Want More Boobies

We Salute You.

And yes J Ho this is NSFW.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

great film

God tells him what to do??? Well who...

tells the POPE what to do? George W. Bush has been slammed by the old Pope (John Paul II) about the debacle in Iraq and his administration's foreign policy, and, soon, he'll be slammed by the new Pope when he visits the Vatican this week.

Good Job Bush!!! He has even pissed off the Pope. But he says that God speaks to him during his prayer sessions and tells him what to do in every decision. So, which one is talking to the real God, and which one is a heretic using the notion of God to promote his own agenda??? Ask any religious freak in the U.S. and they will say Bush is doing God's work. So if Bush is hearing the TRUE God, than the Pope is a heretic, and, in doing so isn't these freaks heretics themselves since they don't believe the Pope??? So you can say all these religious freaks are going to HELL and WORK FOR THE DEVIL because of the disdain for the Pope??

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Both Sides Suck...

So much for 'Democrats will change things'... Here is an Editorial from 'The Nation' magazine detailing the ineptitude of the new Demo-crap-ic leadership not following through on the promises to stop this nation's slide. It's still early, I guess, but things look like the old 'same old same old' again... both sides bickering while nothing gets accomplished and corporate america reaps the profits.

editorial | posted May 31, 2007 (June 18, 2007 issue)
The Honeymoon Is Over

As Congress left town for its Memorial Day recess, the euphoria cast by the 2006 election victories was gone. Disappointed by the Democrats' inability to force a withdrawal timeline into the war-funding bill, angered by a trade deal hatched in secret, dismayed at backsliding on cleaning up Capitol Hill, progressives were faced with the unpleasant reality of the new Congress, warts and all.

The slim Democratic majority in both Houses is not a progressive majority. Just as distressing as the cave-in on war funding was the continued power of the bipartisan money party. Beyond ending the war, Democrats were elected because of popular rejection of corporate trade policies and the stench of corruption in Washington. Tom DeLay is gone, but the corporate lobbies just reloaded with Democrats. When the House leadership announced a trade accord that the Chamber of Commerce celebrated as a model for giving Bush renewed fast-track authority, hopes for a new economic course were punctured. Then, House Democrats wouldn't support even a two-year hiatus that would slow the revolving door between Congress and the lobby world. ("That's our retirement plan," complained anonymous legislators.)

Progressives mobilized to help House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pass the 100-hour agenda in the opening weeks of this Congress. The first increase in the minimum wage in a decade has finally been signed into law, but Senate barons have delayed or interred the remainder of her agenda. The drug lobby mobilized sufficient opposition from senators in both parties to deep-six efforts to empower Medicare to negotiate lower prescription-drug prices. Rollback of oil-company subsidies is stalled in disagreements between the two houses. And House Democrats have seemingly lost their nerve on rolling back Bush's social agenda: Two bills to eliminate abstinence-only funding are now on hold, with fewer sponsors this year than last (for an eye-opening investigative report on the corruption of abstinence funding, see Michael Reynolds's article in this issue). Even halving interest rates on student loans--a no-brainer given both the need and the scandals among lending companies--has been hung up because the Senate grandees wouldn't pass the House version.

These disappointments lead some to consider giving up on this Congress. That would be a mistake. The new majorities aren't the sterling champions some had hoped for, but they aren't the knaves we booted out, either. The backsliding and reversals remind us that the 2006 election victories are only the first step down a long road. We need progressive, not just Democratic, majorities to enact real change and reform: ending the war, driving toward clean energy, fixing healthcare, pushing for a living wage, creating an entirely new trade strategy that puts people above corporations. Republican legislators have backed Bush on the war and have frustrated even minor reforms. They boast about scoring partisan points while ignoring the public interest. They must be held accountable for that. Conservative Democrats who still don't understand the scope of the debacle in Iraq or of the growing revolt against Wall Street's tax-and-trade policies have to be challenged in their own districts.

Democratic majorities have provided us with relatively progressive leaders in both houses of Congress and several aggressive committee chairs who are beginning to unearth the hidden horrors of this rogue Administration. But we still don't have the progressive strength in Congress or the leadership in the White House that can change this country's course. The serial disappointments of recent weeks are but a reminder that we've got work to do.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Embassy no more

If you didn't check out the plans for the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, you won't be able to anymore. In what was a big breach in security (meaning: don't publicize what we are doing...people might find out), the firm hired to design the complex put the plans up on their website. Well, the link has been removed. Too bad, if you could have seen the life of luxury those people at the embassy would have had.