Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Start saving or start making excuses

All signs point to that we're going to have T's bachelor party in Myrtle Beach sometime in September. Here's the early info:

We are looking at a 4 bedroom condo ON THE FREAKING BEACH! This place is only available over Labor Day weekend. The cost? Yeah, $563.10 TOTAL. It might be a bit overkill. It has one king, one queen, four twins, and a sleeper sofa. If we don't have that many coming, there's a three bedroom that is available that week and for the rest of the month and is about a c-note less for the weekend. Just remember we'll have to take an extra day of vacation if we don't go over Labor Day.

I've been to this place before. It is P-I-M-P. It's got a full kitchen including fridge for lots of beer. Did I mention it is oceanfront? Also it has a lazy river. I can't think of a group more lazy than us. Also, we're thinking that we'd stay in Myrtle on Friday and Saturday nights right now... so that's where the $563 price tag comes from.

Talk to me or T for the location. We don't need all the B-Town fanz mobbing the place for autographs. We need to move on this pretty fast, so get in touch with questions and expect a (drunken) phone call soon.

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