Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ferry getting Prograss Turf??? WTF???

Apparently it's true. Here are some pics.

Great Article

Here's a link to the story Sports Illustrated has on Coach Magistro and Bellaire. I think it may also appear in this weeks magazine.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Badger Badger Badger!

This is the best thing since the flash animation... I'm just upset we didn't do this first.

Monday, November 27, 2006

On the Wall Again

Once again, the BTB'Z and BTG make bar history by gracing the walls of the F-Bar. Our moms must be so proud. Here are the Halloween photos on the wall now. Ron Jeremy and John Holmes and Elvira???

The wall started with this discovery by Chump, the classic "Crozier"

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I Never Knew Tressel Talked Like That

Monday, November 20, 2006

Some Consolation

The UFL Season is officially over, and I had a bad "Race for the Chase". I lost three-quarters of those races, and the Win-Loss lead slipped away faster than a 'wang' down Lance Bass's throat. But, a silver lining; I can now officially say that I have the Overall 'Points For' Championship with a stellar 13427! 102 points ahead of Z. That will give the team a little something to build upon for next season.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

OSU defeats MU in Columbus...

and here's a few pictures.

Seen over the parking garage adjacent to the stadium.

T and Redness: "O H !"

"I O !"

My souvenir - an actual piece of the field from Ohio Stadium!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ed vs. Spencer

BBC America is usually filled with a bunch of crap no one cares about. Amy started watching some show called Hex. Afterwards, another show called Ed vs. Spencer came on and it hooked me from the beginning. Simple premise. Two friends do some fairly random competition to see who wins. Some are Who Can Stay in the Woods the Longest and Who do Kids Like the Most? You've just got to see an episode... kind of like Escape from LA but without that feeling of "man this movie really sucks but has a ton of catchphrases".

T, I tivo'ed a new episode. It's the best one I've seen (according to the website, I've seen them all). It's Who Can Stay Handcuffed the Longest. Good good stuff.

I'll see if I can get them recorded to the computer for your viewing pleasure. Dish Network boxes run a Linux OS so it's not as simple as copying the files to a PC.

I've also heard there's a Canadian show called Kenny vs. Spenny that Ed vs. Spencer is based on. Might be worth a look if you can find it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Now Is the Time

Retail Radar: $100 Xbox 360 rebate
Micro Center stores instituting a triple-digit price break on both versions of Microsoft's next-gen console until December 3.
By Brendan Sinclair, GameSpot
Posted Nov 14, 2006 2:17 pm PT

With only 19 retail locations in the US, Micro Center isn't exactly a fixture in most cities. But with the electronics chain now offering a $100 mail-in rebate for customers who purchase an Xbox 360 at those stores, it might be worth a drive to find one.

According to the retailer's Web site, any customer who purchases an Xbox 360 (premium or core version) between last Sunday, November 12, and December 3, can fill out a form to knock a Benjamin off the price of next-gen admission. The systems are not being sold on the company's Web site at the moment.

Customers must send in the rebate form within 15 days of making their purchases, and rebates are limited to one per product, purchase, name, household, address, or organization. Rebate checks should arrive within 12 weeks. For more information, check out the Micro Center Web site's Rebate Center.

This Just In

Monday, November 13, 2006

Michael Bishop


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Now for some Non-Political Fun

Been There Done That

The following quote was taken from someone who posted it on

"Please take care of the traffic PROBLEM if it is in Z-Ville...the game was over at 10:25...we couldn't leave the parking lot until 11:50...people in 4 wheel drives were climbing up a 30+ foot embankment to get out."

My Jeep Liberty Renegade is trail rated, T tested, and Btown Boyz approved. Also, according to, the New Lexington/Bellaire game will be in Zanesville and both schools have been notified of this. J Ho remember to bring your camera this time so we can film the hill climb.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Thrilla in the Villa

In a game marred by bad calls and 6 turnovers, the Big Reds came out on top 37-26. Don't be fooled by the score though. The Reds trailed 26-23 with about 4 minutes to play. After a big pass for a TD, then holding Westfall for 4 downs, and a QB sneak to run some time off the clock that turned into a TD, the game came to and end and so did the season for the Williamsport Westfall Mustangs. Most people, myself included, thought Bellaire would light up Westfall like C chasing innocent bystanders with a roman candle. But what a game it was as witnessed by me, Chumpassfool, J Ho, Redness, J Ho's family and the rest of the Big Reds faithful. A true nailbiter. I got to thinking today about where I would rate this game among all the Bellaire playoff games I have attended and I decided it was 5th. Here's my top 5:

1. 1995 State Championship game versus Versailles. 2OT.
2. 2005 Regional Championship game versus Ironton. 3OT.
3. 1995 Second round game versus Youngstown Cardinal Mooney. 2OT.
4. 1993 First round game versus Youngstown Ursuline. 2OT.
5. 2006 Regional Semi-final versus Williamsport Westfall.

Next week Bellaire play New Lexington, who handed Martins Ferry 35-14, at a site to be determined by the OHSAA on Sunday. Could be Zanesville again, but from what I've read look for this game on the turf at New Philadelphia. The Btown Boyz are planning to be in attendance for this one as well. Stay tuned for further updates.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Could there be a rematch? (times 2)

There could be some exciting football prospects possible next week. In college football, with the last second loss of Louisville against Rutgers last night, the chance of an Ohio State - Michigan rematch in the National Championship could come to fruition. Florida and Texas may have a steak to the claim, but with a close OSU-MU final, voters could be swayed to keep the loser of that game at the number 2 spot. Then it all depends on the computers. Computers don't take into account the date a team got beat, so the strengths of schedule could keep OSU-MU at 1-2, whomever loses that game. Imagine the hoopla if that happens?

The other rematch prospect could be a Bellaire - Martins Ferry rematch next week (or two weeks). Each team is still alive in the OHSAA playoffs. I don't know what scenario has to happen to get them to play each other next week, but the chances will go up if each team wins (No S#IT). If it happens, I gotta get the that game (which will probably be in Steubenville) to see the circus that it will become. There will be people camping out at the stadium the night before to get the best seats. I will be able to make it since I will have that Saturday off(and many more Sat's off in the near future). This is gonna be a hell of a football weekend.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And Vote They Did

Note: This aired a day before the election

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Maybe It Will Never Happen

SIDENOTE FROM CHUMPASSFOOL: This clip is from an HBO documentary called "Hacking Democracy" about how simple it is to manipulate votes with the electronic voting equipment. I mentioned watching this previously in my very long post. The whole movie is quite interesting and I would recommend watching it if you have the opportunity. I have checked and it is on HBO On-Demand until 12/3 if you are a subscriber.

A little late but

The Wheels of Democracy are Turning

Way back, circa 1996, I turned 18 which meant I could buy cigarettes, nudie magazines, and change the world by voting. I think I voted in the first two elections since turning 18, but nobody I voted for won (presidential elections), and I soon grew to realize that voting is just a sham anyway. So I never voted again, until today.

Ironically, just this morning, I woke up and watched a documentary on HBO called "Hacking Democracy" about faulty (or outright tampered-with) electronic voting machines that are rarely accurate and loosly monitered for integrity. The whole movie was about how blatently voting machines are manipulated to produce an erronious outcome. This on top of numberous articles I've read since the previous election about vote-counting fraud, inclucing the debacle in Ohio with the presidential election. This obviously did not entice me to enthousiastically go out in the rain today to cast my vote. Nevertheless, I did.

The main reason I wanted to vote today was to address the hand-full of issues on the ballot, particulary the smoking ban. More on that later. But for now, here's how today's voting experience went down...

I got to the polling station, gave the lady my ID, then stood before the infamous electronic voting machine, finger poised to change the world. But alas, I had no idea who to vote for. I've seen the countless political adds on TV over the receint weeks, and they all run together. This one slamming this one. Noone is honest anyway, so who really cares? I figured the best way to vote would be to just pick all the Democrat candidates across the board. I've read enough of Juddy's posts to know that the Republicans are bad and we need to vote them out of office. Not that the Democrats will do any better, but at least there's hope for change. "Just pick all the Democrats," I thought. That was easy enought, but then came the public officials with no political affiliation (judges, treasurers, auditors, etc...). "Oh no! What should I do now." So I decided to pick the candidate with the coolest or most-recognizable name. My favorite was Tim Horton. I don't know what he's running for or what his platform is, but he does make a mighty fine donut, so what the hell? Give him a shot. I didn't vote for Lopez because he didn't sound American enough. I did vote for Travis, because that's my grandmother's maiden name.

The moral of this is that I have NO idea who I voted for. And I don't care. It's not as if whoever ends up in office is going to make a difference. Ten years from now, I'm still going to be held to the same laws, paying the same taxes, and still as disinfranchised with politics as I am today.

The only thing I did care about were the issus on the ballot. Issue 1 was an amendment to the Ohio constitution affecting worker's comp. I didn't really give this too much thought, which was a good thing because it would be moot. Signs at the polling station revealed that Issue 1 was removed from the ballot because the petitions were not received in a timely matter. That, to me, is wrong. It's like the child-rapist going free from prison on a technicality. I mean Issue 1 meant something to somebody, and to not be allowed to vote on it because the petition did not officially meet the deadline is kinda shitty. But I digress.

Issue 2 basically raised the minimum wage from $5.xx to $6.85. Not that I'm against getting paid more, but raising the minimum wage would not help me. I've never made min wage in my life. And ultimately, people could lose jobs because employers can no longer afford to pay as many workers. I voted NO.

Issue 3 was to legalize certain gambling devices in specific counties. The upside is more money for the state. The downside is the families destroyed by compulsive gamblers that can't control themselves. I've seen Wheelilng Downs, and I like it. I like being able to drop a few dollars on gambling. It hasn't destroyed my family. Why not? I voted YES.

Issues 4 & 5 seemed to directly conflict with each other. Issue 4 would allow smoking in places like restaurants and bars, and terminate any current smoking-bans in effect in Ohio, specifically Columbus. Issue 5 would simply ban smoking in any public building and workplace. As a smoker, I'm all about non-smokers rights. But I'm also about my personal freedom. I think it's ridiculous that I can't go to a bar and smoke. What goes better than alcohol and tobacco? Steak and Potatos? Sonni and Cher? A "Q" and frickin' "U"? NOTHING!!!!! I voted YES on 4 to lift the ban and NO on 5 to stop the ban. (Remember -- direct conflict) What happens if each is turned down, NO on each. Well nothing changes. But if each is approved, YES to both, that makes no sence. Lift the ban, then ban smoking? I don't get it. I guess issues 4 & 5 comes down to smokers vs. non-smokers in an all-out drag-out grudge match of the century. Since everything I've ever cared enough about to vote has went the other way, I'm guessing that Issue 4 will go down, while Issue 5 is approved. That's my prediction. If nothing else my vote on 4 & 5 will negate Z's votes and we'll leave it up to the rest of Ohio to decide.

So enough of my ranting. I've already created the longest post of my blogging career on a topic I don't really care that much about. I just hope that Juddy is out there somewhere voting Democrat. If anyone should vote it sould be Juddy, with his highly political, anti-Republican blog postings.

Here's to the rest of our lives with the same political bullshite we've become accostomed to. Cheers!

PS I'm going to go smoke while I still can.

Sharin' A Bud with my Bud

An intimate moment

with Willey and T

Almost as Bad as the Tony Pic

Nice reaction

It appears that Faith Hill thought she was a shoe in. Maybe she forgot about J Ho ("I can't play Xbox right now because American Idol is on.") and Eric the Midget. Bye for now.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Poker Night

Anyone in for some poker this Saturday night? I know T and Adam have expressed some interest in playing. We can have it at my place. If so, T now that you've got your table back bring it on over.

What a GAY photo


Sunday, November 05, 2006

See you at the Waldorf. Dress Nice.

I remember back when my dad would take me to the local dirt track so I could play Ultimate Fantasy League. We spent countless hours in the garages tweaking our lineups. We never thought I would end up one day being the Nextel Cup Ultimate Fantasy League Champion. When I think of all the sacrifices my family made to get me to this point, it brings a tear to my eye. Thank you Mom and Dad.

I'd like to thank Jesus Christ. In Christ, all things are possible.

Also, I can't forget the people at Dell for building my Inspiron 2650. Michael Dell, this one is for you.

Thank you to Embarq for providing the high speed connection. I couldn't have signed Junior at the last second without it.

Who can forget the great competition this year? These folks in the audience tonight are the best UFL players in the world. Give yourselves a big hand.

In case you didn't know, this year's title was decided today in a 12 round slugfest between the league's two heavyweights, myself and Juddy. I entered today's action with a 1.5 race lead over Juddy. As any great title match, this one featured all six of our picks in the top ten with 10 laps to go. However, Kahne's blown motor under caution (wtf, under caution??) sealed the deal for Stickyfingers Racing to lay claim to the title. According to the unofficial results...

Stewart 190
Ku Busch 147
Junior 155
Total 492

Gordon 138
Kahne 69
Ky Busch 165
Total 372

But, what if Kahne's piece of crap Evernham motor didn't crap out??? (This is as accurate as can be expected for a quick 3 minute recalculation of points and places. It assumes Kahne would have finished second behind Stewart.)

Stewart 190
Ku Busch 143
Junior 151
Total 484

Gordon 134
Kahne 175
Ky Busch 160
Total 469

Certainly closer but it doesn't seem it would have mattered.

After today, I'll be up 2.5 races with only 2 to go. However, the points title is still up for grabs. See everyone next year at the Auction Board. Good fight, good night.

The Final Push

Never in the HISTORY of my life or any of the BTB'Z has an election become more important. The HISTORY of the UNITED STATES is at stake; as well as the condition of the entire EARTH. What happens TUESDAY determines what could happen WORLDWIDE for the next CENTURY! In one day, the DICTATORSHIP could end. And in January, the beginning of a "NEW AMERICAN CENTURY" could begin, bringing rise to a removal of the CORPORATE POWER MONGERS and NEOCONSERVATIVE demagogs. Please, if you are as fed-up with the way the U.S.A. is barreling toward "A NEW CONSTITUTION", then remove all those who would do anything to keep their power at the EXPENSE OF DEMOCRACY. VOTE TUESDAY!

Also, If you have seen this man, call the police. He is extremely DANGEROUS!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Buckeyes and Big Reds are Unstoppable

Well, at least the Buckeyes will be (Bellaire will fall sometime probably). Here is the Buckeye Schedule this year and the associated scores...

September 2 Northern Illinois W 35-12
September 9 at No. 2 Texas W 24-7
September 16 Cincinnati W 37-7
September 23 No. 24 Penn State W 28-6
September 30 at No. 13 Iowa W 38-17
October 7 Bowling Green W 35-7
October 14 at Michigan State W 38-7
October 21 Indiana W 44-3
October 28 Minnesota W 44-0
November 4 at Illinois Winning 14-0 in Second Qtr.
November 11 at Northwestern 3:30 PM ET
November 18 No. 2 Michigan 3:30 PM ET

As you can see, the offense averages 36 points a game and has only allowed over 10 points twice all season. If Nate Davis and Ball State can put up 26 points against the Wolverine D, then I can't wait to see what Troy Smith and Co. will do to them.

Going back to the the Big Reds and the 'Indian Mascot w/ the Alcoholic Nose', if next weeks game is gonna be in Athens, then T and I are talking about making the trip. Maybe a hotel room stay (maybe... I have to work Saturday).

[UPDATE] Well, maybe the Buckeyes may have some trouble with Michigan. Troy Smith picked the wrong week to look like the Troy Smith of last year. This is now two weeks in a row where he has not put up Heisman-like numbers. Unless he snaps out of the funk next week, he will be going into THE BIG GAME pretty flat.

The Soldiers Are Probably...

Eating Better then Us Americans...