Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Thrilla in the Villa

In a game marred by bad calls and 6 turnovers, the Big Reds came out on top 37-26. Don't be fooled by the score though. The Reds trailed 26-23 with about 4 minutes to play. After a big pass for a TD, then holding Westfall for 4 downs, and a QB sneak to run some time off the clock that turned into a TD, the game came to and end and so did the season for the Williamsport Westfall Mustangs. Most people, myself included, thought Bellaire would light up Westfall like C chasing innocent bystanders with a roman candle. But what a game it was as witnessed by me, Chumpassfool, J Ho, Redness, J Ho's family and the rest of the Big Reds faithful. A true nailbiter. I got to thinking today about where I would rate this game among all the Bellaire playoff games I have attended and I decided it was 5th. Here's my top 5:

1. 1995 State Championship game versus Versailles. 2OT.
2. 2005 Regional Championship game versus Ironton. 3OT.
3. 1995 Second round game versus Youngstown Cardinal Mooney. 2OT.
4. 1993 First round game versus Youngstown Ursuline. 2OT.
5. 2006 Regional Semi-final versus Williamsport Westfall.

Next week Bellaire play New Lexington, who handed Martins Ferry 35-14, at a site to be determined by the OHSAA on Sunday. Could be Zanesville again, but from what I've read look for this game on the turf at New Philadelphia. The Btown Boyz are planning to be in attendance for this one as well. Stay tuned for further updates.


themom said...

they really were scaring me in the 4th quarter. had to be great to be there, much more frightening listening to it on the radio. GO BIG REDS!!!

B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

As coach Sarah Horne says, "All we need to do is Intercept the ball on Defense and Not Throw an Interception of Offense" and when there is an empty backfield, "Watch For the Pass". "That Cheerleader never smiled, though"