Friday, November 10, 2006

Could there be a rematch? (times 2)

There could be some exciting football prospects possible next week. In college football, with the last second loss of Louisville against Rutgers last night, the chance of an Ohio State - Michigan rematch in the National Championship could come to fruition. Florida and Texas may have a steak to the claim, but with a close OSU-MU final, voters could be swayed to keep the loser of that game at the number 2 spot. Then it all depends on the computers. Computers don't take into account the date a team got beat, so the strengths of schedule could keep OSU-MU at 1-2, whomever loses that game. Imagine the hoopla if that happens?

The other rematch prospect could be a Bellaire - Martins Ferry rematch next week (or two weeks). Each team is still alive in the OHSAA playoffs. I don't know what scenario has to happen to get them to play each other next week, but the chances will go up if each team wins (No S#IT). If it happens, I gotta get the that game (which will probably be in Steubenville) to see the circus that it will become. There will be people camping out at the stadium the night before to get the best seats. I will be able to make it since I will have that Saturday off(and many more Sat's off in the near future). This is gonna be a hell of a football weekend.


Mike T said...

If Bellaire and Ferry win tonight the rematch will be on next weekend for the Regional Championship. Most likely in Steubenville as J Ho said. The winner will more than likely go on to lose against Youngstown Cardinal Mooney, although I hate to say it. That game will probably also be at Steubenville. Bellaire plays Williamsport Westfall tonight. The Big Reds beat the Mustangs in the 2003 playoffs. Oddly enough, after getting beat by Bellaire, Westfall changed to the spread offense, which is what Bellaire runs. I look at this as a master - student game with the Reds prevailing 42-21. Ferry, on the other hand, plays a tough New Lexington team. Should be a close one in Meadowbrook tonight. I recommend for those who want to read more about these and other games this weekend. Check out the South Forum for Bellaire and the North Forum for Ferry. They split them into two different forums this year because of too much trash talk.

Mike T said...

By the way, kickoff for both games is 7:30. I put out an APB to Wasko to see if he wants to go. I for one do not want to see an OSU UM rematch for the National Championship. Don't see it happening with Fla. and Auburn hanging around the top 5. Watch out for USC. They have a lot of tough games coming up including that rematch with J Ho's favorite team Notre Dame. And yes I was being sarcastic. The winner of OSU UM will not only play in the championship, but will most likely win it. Go Buckeyes, Go Big Reds.