Sunday, November 05, 2006

See you at the Waldorf. Dress Nice.

I remember back when my dad would take me to the local dirt track so I could play Ultimate Fantasy League. We spent countless hours in the garages tweaking our lineups. We never thought I would end up one day being the Nextel Cup Ultimate Fantasy League Champion. When I think of all the sacrifices my family made to get me to this point, it brings a tear to my eye. Thank you Mom and Dad.

I'd like to thank Jesus Christ. In Christ, all things are possible.

Also, I can't forget the people at Dell for building my Inspiron 2650. Michael Dell, this one is for you.

Thank you to Embarq for providing the high speed connection. I couldn't have signed Junior at the last second without it.

Who can forget the great competition this year? These folks in the audience tonight are the best UFL players in the world. Give yourselves a big hand.

In case you didn't know, this year's title was decided today in a 12 round slugfest between the league's two heavyweights, myself and Juddy. I entered today's action with a 1.5 race lead over Juddy. As any great title match, this one featured all six of our picks in the top ten with 10 laps to go. However, Kahne's blown motor under caution (wtf, under caution??) sealed the deal for Stickyfingers Racing to lay claim to the title. According to the unofficial results...

Stewart 190
Ku Busch 147
Junior 155
Total 492

Gordon 138
Kahne 69
Ky Busch 165
Total 372

But, what if Kahne's piece of crap Evernham motor didn't crap out??? (This is as accurate as can be expected for a quick 3 minute recalculation of points and places. It assumes Kahne would have finished second behind Stewart.)

Stewart 190
Ku Busch 143
Junior 151
Total 484

Gordon 134
Kahne 175
Ky Busch 160
Total 469

Certainly closer but it doesn't seem it would have mattered.

After today, I'll be up 2.5 races with only 2 to go. However, the points title is still up for grabs. See everyone next year at the Auction Board. Good fight, good night.


B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

It was a close one. Heavy hitters at the top. Clint, you bested me. I give you props. May the magic continue next season. My gameplan is already designed and set-up (I can't wait to implement it). I fell re-energized for next season. This is the first time I actually had a legitimate shot at NOT finishing last. I'd like to thank my sponsors (you know who you are).

Mike T said...

You won't feel re-energized when the king of the UFL rebounds from a bad year and claims his 3rd UFL championship in 5 years. By the way, who's your sponsors J. Ho? Again, congrats to Big C and welcome to the Champions Club. We don't have green jackets or trophies, but we do have bragging rights.

B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

I'm not supposed to divulge the names of my sponsors. My CLUB does not allow it. Something about trust or something. I gotta go, I am working on letters to people I've hurt over the years.

ChumpAssFool said...

I'm just glad I claimed my championship last year, so I'm not associated with the losers (Z, Redness, and Juddy)!

Congrats, C!