Thursday, December 18, 2008

NYE, part deux

ok, i've gotten some action on the plans but not as much as i'd hoped; actually, only JHo and TheSteadman, and Chump might have to work. so, here's the dilly. i'm thinking mcfadden's ($100), but we need 1 or 5 more people (or 9 if we're feeling frisky) to round out the 4 person/table thing. if we don't get good numbers, i'll book whoever is down to go to FBWB. it doesn't seem they have a table minimum. no open bar :-( but i'll survive i'm sure, hah.

my plan is to give you guys a few days to think, (i'll email too) and i'll book reservations around the 22nd or 23rd. get back to me here, at my yahoo, or at my gmail account. TheGeneral address if you must, but i won't be checking it as often. i'll be available on my US phone as of 7PM EST on friday, the 19th. later.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008


anyone interested in doing something different this news years? i've been talking to people to look into things and so far these are some decent ideas that seem cool. we'll taxi about, whatever, just have fun and get out.
  1. The Lodge Bar - $15 advance tickets, $2 draft, $3 wells, we can reserve a table ahead of time, live music by Bling Crosbys

  2. Frog Bear Wild Boar - platinum package is $40 per person, reserved table, dinner buffet 7-10pm, complimentary bottle of bubbly, live music by Introspect and DJ Nohbody

  3. McFadden's - $100/person for table of 4, complimentary bottle of champagne, dinner buffet, live music and dancing, OPEN BAR!!! or if we didn't want a table, it is the same benefits without the table for $70/person ($65/person if we have more 10+ people)
i seriously think all of them look fun and affordable, it's something new for us to do. it'll be fun. i've only ever been to FBWB myself. anyone been to the others? reviews? plus, with the free bottle of champagne and open bar at McFadden's, i think whichever option we might choose, we'd end up saving money. i'm seriously up for any of those ideas, or let's try some other place. also, i invite anyone to come up with other suggestions. let me know.