Saturday, December 31, 2005

Go Blog Yourself

OK bizznitches... I gotta make this quick but I had to post something before getting ready for a trip to Casey's New Year's Rockin' Eve party in butt fing nowhere, NC. It's only an hour drive, so I might make it before next year. Here's a few bullet points... also known as "layin' some knowledge on yo' asses"

1. Blogs are the death of mass emails and much harder for my drunk ass to do after 15 drinks... enter a URL, login, try to read other postings, click on post... it's all requiring too much thought. I'll try to do drunk postings but no promises.

2. The odds of my trip to CBUS stands around 80%. All the pieces have fallen into place. Now if I get the motivation and Mother Nature isn't a bitch and makes it snow 14 inches, I will try to make it up there either Friday or Saturday Jan. 14 or 15.

3. Stealing a blog format is like saying you stole the color of someone's house because it's the same color. White is hard on my old eyes. Make it black because once you go black you never go back.

4. I got an XBOX for Christmas. Not a 360, the old regular one. I also have NHL 2K6. Get ready to have the smack laid down on your candy asses as soon as I get a communicator and activate my Live subscription.

5. I like to cuss.

6. I got the funding approved for another IT position at work. Anyone want a job?

7. The shuffleboard game in 2K6 is sweet. I can't wait to get drunk and play it. The dart board game is harder than hell. I don't like it.

8. I haven't had a solid turd in over a month.

9. Go Buckeyes.

10. I give the blog about 10 weeks before it dies out.

Thank you all very much and God bless,

I am ALIVE!!!!!!!

Geeze Louise!!!! Guys!!!! I've been busy (not getting busy)!!!!!!! Between the Christmas (Oh, I mean Holiday) Season, Steadman and her mom going to NYC - k-e-y-m-o-u-s-e ing, me drinking pretty heavenly, 126.5 proof bourbon, Company dinners, plasma and 360, new golf driver, checking for cat sh-t, and work, I was never able to make my presence felt until today. So here we go.....

I plan in the comming months to add my brand of style which has braced the emails of all the b-town boys for soo many many many many many trimesters. I will regularly post cool web sites that all must check out because they are 'cold as ice'. Also look for a newly polish 'T's Health-O-Meter' and the B-Town Boys's Exclusive 'Z's Health-O-Meter'!!! These will be out before: T gets married, Zac settles down, Chad doesn't break anything, Red doesn't get lost on his way to Easton, Clint sobers up and becomes a judge, Wasko buys T some TCBY ice cream, and I quit being an Asshole.


anyone who want to watch the game over at the J Ho's crib, i will be attempting every legal (and non-legal) way of getting the game in HD. I may make wings with the new electric turkey deep fryer.

that's it for now, gotta get my swerve on....

J Ho

fasten your seatbelts, kids... daddy's been drinkin'

so here we are...

firstly, the layout is miami t's dilly. apparently, T was jizzin' himself over the wicked blog i built from tweaking this template, but i had no say. actually, when i showed up, i'm all like, WTF, jigga?! everybody trying to gank my stash, foo'! but i got over it... i didn't have admin access until today. Master T over there musta done it while i was sleepin'.

secondly... india sucks. looks like i'm working late, just late enough to not be drunk enough to tolerate the big dot coming down and landing on the taj mahal's fore-dome. dick clark, RIP, (he's dead right?). and we'll probably still have to work tomorrow.

tertiarily - where's juddy? apparently he and T were the grand wizards of this brain-fart, and he's a slackin'. he can't be workin' THAT much. he better be gettin' it on hasta seis en la maƱana.

quaternarily = india sucks. eh, already did that.

quintessentially remember a couple new year's back, when i was drunk and kicked steadman outta the house, except it was chumpassfool's house... and she actually left? classic! i think the term she used was "ASSHOLE!"

here ends the lesson

Friday, December 30, 2005

B-Town Tendencies yesterday, I get a call from T informing me that he and Juddy want to start a blog site. I'm like "Great! Did you forget about me, you pricks? I'm the only REAL web designer you know, and you want to leave me out?" Then he informs me that they were kicking around the idea of a B-Town Boyz site that we all could be a part of. So I jump onboard right away. Next day (today), I get another call, and proceed to check out the site. Now, yesterday, T had a nice little template set up and everything looked okay (at least for a good start). And today, I look at the site and come to find that now Zac has administrative rights and this damn sight looks almost EXACTLY like Nomadic Tendencies!!!! No offence to Zac and his site, (aside: Zac, your site looks REALLY good and I'm proud of you for the design work you put into it) but the B-Town Boyz need a unique identity. And that's exactly what I'm here to provide. So starting today, and continuing whenever I get free time, I'm going to be designing a new interface. It's going to take me some time to figure out all this code and collect some images and create custom graphics, but I'm sure it will be worth it. Stay tuned and hopefully we'll have a SFM (read: Super F'in Marvelous) site by the end of January.