Saturday, December 31, 2005

I am ALIVE!!!!!!!

Geeze Louise!!!! Guys!!!! I've been busy (not getting busy)!!!!!!! Between the Christmas (Oh, I mean Holiday) Season, Steadman and her mom going to NYC - k-e-y-m-o-u-s-e ing, me drinking pretty heavenly, 126.5 proof bourbon, Company dinners, plasma and 360, new golf driver, checking for cat sh-t, and work, I was never able to make my presence felt until today. So here we go.....

I plan in the comming months to add my brand of style which has braced the emails of all the b-town boys for soo many many many many many trimesters. I will regularly post cool web sites that all must check out because they are 'cold as ice'. Also look for a newly polish 'T's Health-O-Meter' and the B-Town Boys's Exclusive 'Z's Health-O-Meter'!!! These will be out before: T gets married, Zac settles down, Chad doesn't break anything, Red doesn't get lost on his way to Easton, Clint sobers up and becomes a judge, Wasko buys T some TCBY ice cream, and I quit being an Asshole.


anyone who want to watch the game over at the J Ho's crib, i will be attempting every legal (and non-legal) way of getting the game in HD. I may make wings with the new electric turkey deep fryer.

that's it for now, gotta get my swerve on....

J Ho

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