Saturday, December 31, 2005

fasten your seatbelts, kids... daddy's been drinkin'

so here we are...

firstly, the layout is miami t's dilly. apparently, T was jizzin' himself over the wicked blog i built from tweaking this template, but i had no say. actually, when i showed up, i'm all like, WTF, jigga?! everybody trying to gank my stash, foo'! but i got over it... i didn't have admin access until today. Master T over there musta done it while i was sleepin'.

secondly... india sucks. looks like i'm working late, just late enough to not be drunk enough to tolerate the big dot coming down and landing on the taj mahal's fore-dome. dick clark, RIP, (he's dead right?). and we'll probably still have to work tomorrow.

tertiarily - where's juddy? apparently he and T were the grand wizards of this brain-fart, and he's a slackin'. he can't be workin' THAT much. he better be gettin' it on hasta seis en la maƱana.

quaternarily = india sucks. eh, already did that.

quintessentially remember a couple new year's back, when i was drunk and kicked steadman outta the house, except it was chumpassfool's house... and she actually left? classic! i think the term she used was "ASSHOLE!"

here ends the lesson

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ChumpAssFool said...

How in the hell did you start talking 'ghetto' in India?