Sunday, May 28, 2006

Boyz at Mansfield

The B-Town Boyz (sans Z) went to the Nascar Craftsman Truck Series race in Mansfeild, Ohio yesterday. I only got two pictures, but the two I got went VERY well together, especially when animated.


josh said...

juddy doesnt only have good wrist action going there but he got his whole shoulder in the motion

steadmans brother

slyght said...

i think that is clint. you don't know what your sister's man looks like? juddy is almost statuesque (not that way).

damn GE and india. looks like a good time from the stop-motion animation.

i'm gonna try to fix T's fukk up on the video later.

Mike T said...

The autoplay is turned off in the code for that video. I even verified it with Chad. You guys are the only ones who's media player is starting the video automatically.

Anonymous said...

kinda hard to know someone you rarely see, ok Clint got the action going