Monday, May 22, 2006

JITH 2001 revisited a.k.a. whole lotta BTB flesh

those were some great pix of me passed out and T lookin' tanked. i found these pictures floating around my computer and had to pass them along. i'll try to find some more, but i'm in the process of spring cleaning my hard drives. organizational OCD kicking in. enjoy!

TheSister, myself, and chumpassfool celebrating "Happy Nipple Day!"

here we have me, an over-exposed red (had to censor it for the kiddies), and steadman

here's chumpassfool after a hard day and/or night of drinking and jambo-ing

me showing my canadien (note the spelling) pride and some butt cleavage. maybe i should've censored this as well.

1 comment:

Thedaughter said...

Notice that the only time we are in a photo together is when we are totally ripped. Thanx brother.