Monday, May 15, 2006

That's African Heritage

Diversity is strong at the Ohio University campus. Here is a photo of the St. Clairsville High School and Middle (too young to date) School instrumental music department's African Drum and Dance Ensamble. They took part in the Ohio University's 'Heritage: A Celebration of African Culture through the Arts'in Athens, Ohio. I hear Hocking Hill College also wanted them to perform, but out of fear for their lives, they decided not to.

Also, news on FLY GUY. He is a high school teacher in Lancaster, Ohio. He will be attending the reunion.

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slyght said...

wha, wha, WHAT!!! you mean, wearing traditional african garb, funny hats, beads, beating on tribal drums, and wearing oversized throwback jerseys and cocked trucker caps with impossibly straight bills doesn't make you black?!?!

what have i been doing with my life?