Wednesday, May 17, 2006

After a Long Awaited Absence...

I have brought to you the newest edition of the "Health-O-Meter". Inspired by Z's story of life in India, I have surmised an itinery of Z's day, with possible health ratings of Z's physical stamina throughout the day. This is not a scientific study like the past (T's Health-O-Meter), since I was not physically unable to observe Z. But based on prior experience with the subject, I conclude this chart is accurate. Most data was gathered by prior observations of Z drunk at parties, NASCAR races, and strip bars. Other data was pulled off of the subjects online diary at .

1 comment:

slyght said...

BRILLIANT!!! i'd have to say, i never thought i'd be so pleased to see my health-o-meter on the blogosphere.

the dancing WAS a bit strenuous, but i'd have to say that Dr. BTVJGJHo made a damn accurate diagnosis.

i'd better go snort some mayo and hot sauce.