Tuesday, May 16, 2006


al-zarqawi is a pussy. WTF buddy? you just don't make a highlight reel to use as propaganda to recruit terrorists. you make a video that shows that you know what you are doing so there is no need for outtakes. and if by some strange occurrence, it's possible that there is video evidence of you being so incompetent that you can't figure out a jam in the gun that you are trying so hard to look menacing with, destroy the video. hell, you are crazy, kill the guy holding the camera too. HELP me, HELP me. al-mama told me i can put an eye out with these things. i'm afraid to let go, it might bite me, HELP me!

we can't take you seriously in your British Knights. they aren't exactly ideal freedom fighter footwear unless you plan on fighting freedom on inner city basketball courts in the early 1990's. and i'd have to side with the writers at the daily show with jon stewart, you aren't really putting on a face of menace and intimidation, you're just putting on more face. you are getting a bit pudgy since the last time we saw ya. maybe someone should get you to dance, by shooting a gun at your feet, maybe. al-arsehole. praise allah.

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