Monday, January 30, 2006

links, links, and more links

i don't like Macs. granted, i've not used them extensively and i hear they may be superior to PCs, still, i can't bring myself around to using one. i was raised that way. kinda the same with NASCAR... jeff gordon may be a good driver, but i was taught that i can't like him. anyways, here is a Mac commercial parody i found at Tech e-Blog. it's pretty good and i especially like the part about the jack russell terrier.

then there's this guy assaulting a state trooper with his legs? huh?

oh yeah, and JORDAN!!!.

"cletus... jethro... uncle jake... get out the Casio, hit demo, and we'll show them there city folk the REAL way to lambada". cha-cha-cha

uckF 'em... they can't eadr!

I saw this today and thought it was hilarious!

Friday, January 27, 2006

tig ol' bitties

i know i'm one of the few who doesn't really care that xtina is kinda trashy. i think she is smokin'. plus, with her lovely new funbags and her not being afraid to not wear a bra, you just gotta love this.

and just for fun, i can't help but smile when i think of the shocker. this kid's funny.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

For the Z-man, et. al.

I've added a counter to the page so that we can track our visitors (even if Z is the only one who cares.) It's located on the left, at the bottom, under the links. You can access the deatailed statistics at by clicking on the counter. If you want the login and password, email me (then post a comment so I know to check my email.)

great flash

no, not THAT kinda flash, the macromedia kind. this has got to be one of the coolest flash movies i've ever seen. not to say i'm a flash aficionado, and this might be really easy to make, but i just think it is pretty badass. i wish i had the patience and/or time to learn flash. don't know if i could come up with any thing creative like this, but i could try.

the duck-billed platypus - god's little science experiment. i mean, how the hell did these things not get selected against? damn you, darwin!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Monday, January 23, 2006

The B-Town Boyz

The B-Town Boyz
Here's your freakin' post! Happy now?
GO STEELERS! One for the thumb. Let's send Bettis out in style!

The mind-controlled spelling bee kid

This kid was on espn one afternoon. He was in the finals of the 2004 National Spelling Bee Championship. He lost, but he looked so scared and very sad. The whole time he looked very depressed and kept looking at his family and especially, his brother, who was a past champion.

Seeing this guy was so funny... he looked so intense, like he was T at a strip bar. He kept shaking his head in a rhythmic motion which looked very much like a trance.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hey SPAM! Look at the camera!

This week I went back to B-town to install a wireless DSL network for my parents. In the meantime, my mom professed her love for this blog site (minus C's bowel movement updates). She loved the pictures and wanted to contribute, so she found this classic of Slyght, J Ho, Redness, and Chump (formerly Mirl, Spam, Cornhole, and Jick) from prom night. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

counter and stuff

--- ADMIN POST ---

hey chumpass. what about a counter? i know it's not perty, but i'm kinda curious how many people are checking this out besides our mamas. if you say yes, i have a counter from statcounter, that works well, i think i can add to the site visibly or invisibly. or you can go to or whatever counter you might prefer, and just make a general login/pswd we can all use in case anyone else is interested. get back to me.

Give that cat a Beer!!!

Well here is a funny photo of my cat Leia wondering where all the beer is....

She likes to hide things under my sofa and love seat....

this one's for T-Diddy

T. i was in delhi renewing my visa, when lo and behold, what did i see. i'd been traveling for nearly 12 hours, was bleary eyed, it HAD to be an illusion. i went back the next day to double check and sure-as-shite, there it was... there really IS GE money. so it does exist. not necessarily in MY pocket, though they have been dropping a couple pennies my way this year, but if you REALLY want GE money, downtown new delhi, INDIA, next to the hyatt regency. it's all you, brah.
and as for someone not posting enough... where is redness? he's on the list, i think he exists. but no posting. come on, man, get on it. T has a complex already... ah, your the sick fukk who keeps voting voyeur on my blog. i see now. you perv.

i wonder if they need santa's at the titty bar around xxxmas in case the girls wanna sit on MY lap? come on, he's a pervert. sit on his lap for some toys? people get sent away for that, ya know.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

look at you, funny face

that is a pretty neat addition chumpass added to the top of the page. must be having fun brushing the dust off his HTML skillz. some comments, though.
  • i look like a sunburnt version of a fat black lady, maybe someone from the klumps.
  • C looks frightened, poor guy, must've been from the first solid shite he had in a while and was hoping his anus still knew the protocol.
  • B.T.J.Ho.V.J.G. looks like the joker, almost like his smile is painted on
  • and then you got redness. he looks like a version of the conan o'brien superimposed lips skits. fantabulous... splendiferous...
  • still, i'm sure there weren't a TON of pictures of any of us, directly head on. good work though.

    my little toenail is evolutionarily selected against. i'm sure my great-great-great-great gran'chillins will miss them

    Monday, January 16, 2006

    Check out this movie....

    This is a great movie... really opened my eyes to the plight of gay african americans. MLK would be proud of such works continuing after his untimely death.


    Sunday, January 15, 2006

    Saturday, January 14, 2006

    Cheap over Quality....

    There are certain things that a person cannot get the knock-off brand of.... for example..... toilet paper (you don't want your finger going through the paper in that all-too-important situation) and condoms (you don't want your deek going through the latex in that all-too-important situation). Any other examples??????? please respond......

    duckling-on-ducking violence

    i was hopping around some blogs and i found this page, Who Would Jesus Hate? the most recent post had a picture that made me laugh. it's Animal Farm in the ghetto.

    i AM god's gift to women, but i'm kinda the gift equivalent of getting coal from santa

    Friday, January 13, 2006

    Speaking of 'Story's-in-a-Minute'

    Sure, you can watch Star Wars in a minute.... but what about some of the World's Greatest Books....

    Thursday, January 12, 2006

    i love these women...

    i just can't help it. it's a sickness my mom isn't proud of and the B-Town Boyz can appreciate... remember ass in the air? but seriously, when it comes to jordan ('next' for more), jennifer ellison ('next' for more) and now lucy pinder... googly. the UK is just pumpin' out these useless, big-tittied-yet-easy-on-the-eyes pinups, but i'm not complaining. as long as i have eyes... keep 'em coming. too bad we can't get the daily sport in the U.S. the UK papers have pseudo-nudity, and the daily sport is a UK pseudo-newspaper, thus ACTUAL nudity. it is heaven, at least for a perv like me. i brought like 20-30 issue home with me from the last time i was in the UK. so with that, now one of the latest page 3 girls... keeley hazell. i cannot express how much page 3 ROCKS!!! i miss news in the UK.

    slyght - the man... the prophet... the international porn-peddler

    Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    Electronic ------ Supersonic

    I don't know what to say about this one.......

    j ho

    posting for posting sake

    i hate to do it but this site has been updated daily since it started and i hate to see a streak end. don't really have much to say. i'm really missing KFC popcorn chicken and sloppy joes right now. and since i'm the space nerd of the group, check this out. i got hooked on the seti@home project in college and since then have used the BOINC program for that, climateprediction, and einstein@home. this is a resource pooling program. hundreds or thousands of volunteers use their computers to analyze mass quantities of data in small download packets. i'm also searching for a mersienne prime number through a similar program. anyways, here, you have the chance to actually detect some of the first interstellar dust particles ever brought back to earth. that is really cool to me. i pre-registered, hope i can pass the test. so if your inner nerd feels the need to come out, sign up.

    despite being hungover as ballz yesterday, it turned out to be a pretty good day.

    slyght said 'let there be light', and there was, and it was good, until dad smacked me in the back of the head, and told me to turn off the light and go back to bed

    Monday, January 09, 2006

    Link of the Day - 01-09-06

    Well what a great day!!! Howard Stern is back on the air, and Sirius has the rights. But it is not a good day for Z, who is dating a Russian woman. I think Z must be hitting the Vodka way too much. Z, I know you can do better.

    Here We Go.... Again

    Had to put these up on the blog site. Now every B-Town Boy is covered in the awefully bad photo-as-a-kid section.

    Sunday, January 08, 2006

    a Whale of a Tale

    While we're posting pics of long ago, here's one of Juddy. However, this one seems cute, while the others appear embarrasingly disturbing.

    Go Steelers 2!!!

    Here we go Steelers Here We Go!!!! Here is another spotlight of Gravel Hill Middle School Students during class photo day.... T Diddy!!!!!!!!!

    Go Steelers!!!

    Let's go Steelers! Steelers are leading 28-17 in the third quarter. We (T, Red, Steadman, and I) are watching the game and recalled the old middle school yearbooks and we decided to check them out. This is a good one of Chaddy Bacons and Z as youth. Look how cute!!!???!!!

    Solid Gold

    This is only going to have one point. I'll make up for the other 9 when I see your HO A$$ES next weekend.

    1. I pooped today. It was solid. No more flaccid poop.

    Take this Browser and Shove It!!

    Okay, looks like much of my work on the site is done. I've tweeked with it for some time now, and have pretty much done all I can. Of course, I'm never really done and I'm sure you'll see more changes when I get bored and decided to mix-it-up a bit.

    How do you all feel about the layout / colors / etc.? Any suggestions let me know.

    Had fun making the flash scroller at the top. It's Saturday night and I've got to work in the morning, so there was no better way to kill four hours than collect pics and make a basic animation to impress my friends. Once it gets old and annoying, I'm going to move it to the footer, but for now, enjoy seeing yourself scroll by.

    My name is Boris. That is all.

    Saturday, January 07, 2006

    Taint Misbehavin'

    short post for a great joke

    during my frickin' 27-minutes lunch HOUR, i found this blonde joke, pretty good. check it out.

    the word... the way... the didjeridoo

    Friday, January 06, 2006

    Link of the Day (Part 2)

    Well, the first edition of the 'Link of the Day' sucked. Walmart removed the blatantly racist "suggested titles" from the web site. I have struck a nerve with the Heart of Walmart. I no doubt will be dead by tomorrow, but if anyone wants to know what was on that site.... They can talk with me directly if you want deep fried wings (not as hot as Monday's batch) and beer and football-in-HD and other stuff (T Diddy laughter).

    This link is pretty cool, it is a web site of great Ralph Wiggum quotes....

    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    Link of the Day - 01/05/2006

    This is the first installment of the 'Link of the Day' or 'LOD' for short.

    First installment: Walmart really is racist. Check out the "Similar Items".

    Just click on the Title (which is 'Link of the Day - 01/05/2006')

    since chumpass doesn't read his e-mail

    i have to comm through the blog...

    hey chumpass, i know you didn't want anyone fooling with the code, i did a bit, but then realized your sidebar pic was small. the pic of the BTB boyz in richmond... do you have a larger hi-res? i made it so you can click on the pic and it brings it up in another window, but i want THAT pic to be bigger. if you have a bigger one, i can upload it to flickr, and they resize so if i click on it, it'll fit the window. get back to me. if you don't like it, change the html i added. it's just an <a> tag. when's CPoMultimedia going to be coming up? later.

    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    Opium Lounge... Shark Lounge. Same difference. Where's Wasko?

    REPORT: Maurice goes back to school to have boosters pay bond money... not really, but that would be an even better part to an already great story.


    who knew that Big C was gonna be the stud breaking out the gates for a triple crown? you need to pace yourself, kid, like you didn't with the chili/yeast/jello shots. but, then again, moderation never was any of our strong suits. that's all i have to say about that.

    how 'bout them bucks? and michigan lost, excellent. sucks that with the time difference and shite REAL sports coverage (cricket? come on) over here, i couldn't watch it. but i checked and there they were putting on hats, that's gotta mean something. i think.

    the ball dropping here was rather anti-climactic as well, but maybe that's because there was no ball, the indians were early, i was with two other TAs with whom i'd worked all day, and we'd just left work an hour earlier. but, then again, it could be there was no B-Town style NYE ruckus going on around me. fukk this place.

    nothing much more interesting to say. check out TechEBlog. some of the stuff they have there is pretty hot shite. a lot for iPODs, and since i caved, i might get some, but some other cool stuff too.

    such is the word of slyght

    Monday, January 02, 2006

    Yo' Maurice! Is dat you?

    My bad! I didn't know you was in da middle of a hold up.

    New Background

    I like the red background. Easy on my eyes.


    That was one of the most spectacular nights for coming up with catch phrases. Also the night we discovered gradients and layers in Photoshop. And we were sober. Also from that night (that I can remember).

    1. The Sports Illustrated Cat Phone - free with any subscription (meow! meow! meow! hi, yeah, hold on a second. it's for you. oh and make it quick. the cat phone looks really pissed off today)

    2. AH-rewwwwww-gah! Nothing like watching the screen saver from Windows 95 themes about 20 times and cracking up everytime the old skool horn beeped. I am sure my dad was sitting in the living room going "what the fukk"

    On to my New Year's Eve night...

    1. I drank the yeast. Boy Howdy did I drink the yeast. My sphincter cramped up from opening and closing so much.
    2. I didn't cause a fight.
    3. We celebrated new year's by doing jello shots. Just what I needed after 12 beers... 12 beers FULL OF YEAST.
    4. It is about 1.5 hour drive home from where we went. I made it about 1.25 hours before I had to barf. We pulled into a parking lot of a warehouse and I spewed beer, jello shots, and chili all over the concrete. It hit harded than a cow pissing on a flat rock and boy did it stink. We got the fukk out of there quick.
    5. I talked to Ed at 11:10 but couldn't tell you what we talked about.
    6. I heard everyone counting down from 10 and didn't know what the hell was going on and asked if there was a bomb in the room. At some point I forgot it was near midnight and the idea of counting down for the ball fell off of my list of "things to remember to do tonight"
    7. After being this drunk, I ate some chili. It was so bad I could tell it was bad even being that drunk. usually food doesn't taste like anything but you're so happy to be eating you just eat it and think it is good. This was just crapped out shite. But to be polite I finished it anyway. No wonder I threw the shit up later. That's what I get for being nice. Also, don't make chili with sausage. That was another reason it tasted like ass. Mexicans came up with chili, not Italians.
    8. Yesterday my shit was blacker than (CENSORED). This homebrew is wicked stuff. And if you're keeping score at home, it still isn't solid.
    9. I watched every episode of I Love the 90's on VH1 yesterday. That is 10 hours of TV straight. I got off the couch maybe 5 times all day.
    10. Everyone (all four people I met) had some connection to Ohio. I did the "O-H" thing about 5 times in 10 minutes because one other guy kept responding "I-O" and that was all the encouragement I needed. Then Ed called and I forgot about it after I hung up.

    There. That's 10 things. Off to bake a pizza.
    C Mode Squad '98

    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    I Love HTML

    Just a quick post to let you know my passion for web design has been re-fueled! Been tweekin' the site. Took me 2 hours to change the arrow icon on the left of the post titles. Also added the "Richmond Gang" photo. If you remember, Z was absent when it was taken, however the miracles of Photoshop have added him right there in the middle! I've come a long way since "Brie loves fish." Good Day.

    There's Still a Screen in the Door

    Well it's 2006 and we've all survived another New Year's Eve party at T's place. The promise of this upcoming year looks good considering that there was no beer spilled on the poker table, and I didn't walk through the screen door. I think everyone had fun last night at the party, especially T's woman who was drunk when I arrived (around 11:30) and didn't get any soberer. Red's woman had a camcorder and we all recorded a New Year's message for Zac, though I doubt he'll see it before he gets back into the States. Was it just me, or did the ball drop seem anti-climatic this year? Everybody was like "it's 2006, big fukkin' deal." In fact, nothing really noteworthy happened all night. We did have an exciting round of "The Name Game" considering it was a drinking game and while everyone participated, only me, Juddy, Jackie, and Adam actually drank. I will give the Classic Moment of the Night Award to T who sang "Shake it off" while Mariah Carrey performed. That's about all that happened. If there's anything else you'd like to share, please do.

    new year's away from the boyz

    it's a first. first time i've not been back home for new year's to share in the drunken debauchery and destruction that comes with partying with the BTB. it's currently about 5PM back home, 1 jan 06. right about now, i'd be peeling myself out of bed with a massive hangover wondering if i saw the ball come down, did i kiss anyone this year, did i kick anyone out of the house, or drop elbows on people? instead, it is 3:30AM (indian fukked up time), 2 jan 06, and i've been at work for 2.5 hours.

    AND indians celebrate new year's 5 minutes early. that is, when i arrived here 11 months ago, i realized EVERY clock i saw was 5-10 minutes fast. granted the only clocks i saw were at the hotel and site, so i figured maybe it was a business thing. but at 11:54PM, 31 dec 05, all the indians in the bar start hootin' and hollerin', grindin' all up on each other, dancing with handkerchiefs as a partner, greeting us with 'happy new year'. now, i have a bit of OCD when it comes to organizing files on my computer, file names, and being on time. i check World Time Server about once a week and use AtomTime to check my computer clock to make sure my 2 phones and watch are correct. they were 6 minutes early. that's the ONLY time i've seen something happen ahead of schedule in this country. so 6 minutes later, me and two other TAs had our own american/pollock new year's ON TIME and threw back massive quantities of indian scotch whisky, champagne, and beer. no fukking saurkraut though. this place can go NUKE-BOOM as soon as i'm out of fallout range.

    and what the fukk is up with the free porn link? i don't wanna be giving out false-advertising here. man, that is shite. it's a link to 100's of other links, blah. we need like StileProject or That's Fucked. now THOSE are good. or ABum or Break. i expect better. so i offer these up to BTB dictator/blog tweaker, chumpassfool castro, for approval or veto under the links.

    just foolin' CAF, you're more like kim jong-il meets bill gates, but without the bad hair, napoleon complex, coke bottle glasses, and bloated OS. we coo'. and i don't know where the ghetto talk came from. i'm just tryin' to keep it real, yo.

    let it be written, let it be done