Sunday, January 08, 2006

Go Steelers!!!

Let's go Steelers! Steelers are leading 28-17 in the third quarter. We (T, Red, Steadman, and I) are watching the game and recalled the old middle school yearbooks and we decided to check them out. This is a good one of Chaddy Bacons and Z as youth. Look how cute!!!???!!!


slyght said...

we were some funny looking kids, i'm hoping i grow outta that stage sometime soon, maybe my 30's.

slyght said...

what the hell crisis was chumpass facing that day. man these are good. i wish i was back in america, to go through mine. me and chumpass almost arm-in-arm.

and see i'm a patriot, even back in the day.

"why did general schwarzkopf hand out black condoms on the front line?" so saddam wouldn't see 'em coming.

i remember i had to LEARN what coming meant to get that joke. my, what a long way i've come, er... yeah