Sunday, January 08, 2006

Take this Browser and Shove It!!

Okay, looks like much of my work on the site is done. I've tweeked with it for some time now, and have pretty much done all I can. Of course, I'm never really done and I'm sure you'll see more changes when I get bored and decided to mix-it-up a bit.

How do you all feel about the layout / colors / etc.? Any suggestions let me know.

Had fun making the flash scroller at the top. It's Saturday night and I've got to work in the morning, so there was no better way to kill four hours than collect pics and make a basic animation to impress my friends. Once it gets old and annoying, I'm going to move it to the footer, but for now, enjoy seeing yourself scroll by.

My name is Boris. That is all.

1 comment:

mom said...

you never fail to amaze me with your talents...the site is outstanding...knew it would be one of a kind...banner is great...GOOD JOB!!!! love,mom