Monday, January 30, 2006

links, links, and more links

i don't like Macs. granted, i've not used them extensively and i hear they may be superior to PCs, still, i can't bring myself around to using one. i was raised that way. kinda the same with NASCAR... jeff gordon may be a good driver, but i was taught that i can't like him. anyways, here is a Mac commercial parody i found at Tech e-Blog. it's pretty good and i especially like the part about the jack russell terrier.

then there's this guy assaulting a state trooper with his legs? huh?

oh yeah, and JORDAN!!!.

"cletus... jethro... uncle jake... get out the Casio, hit demo, and we'll show them there city folk the REAL way to lambada". cha-cha-cha

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