Tuesday, January 03, 2006


who knew that Big C was gonna be the stud breaking out the gates for a triple crown? you need to pace yourself, kid, like you didn't with the chili/yeast/jello shots. but, then again, moderation never was any of our strong suits. that's all i have to say about that.

how 'bout them bucks? and michigan lost, excellent. sucks that with the time difference and shite REAL sports coverage (cricket? come on) over here, i couldn't watch it. but i checked ESPN.com and there they were putting on hats, that's gotta mean something. i think.

the ball dropping here was rather anti-climactic as well, but maybe that's because there was no ball, the indians were early, i was with two other TAs with whom i'd worked all day, and we'd just left work an hour earlier. but, then again, it could be there was no B-Town style NYE ruckus going on around me. fukk this place.

nothing much more interesting to say. check out TechEBlog. some of the stuff they have there is pretty hot shite. a lot for iPODs, and since i caved, i might get some, but some other cool stuff too.

such is the word of slyght

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