Tuesday, January 17, 2006

look at you, funny face

that is a pretty neat addition chumpass added to the top of the page. must be having fun brushing the dust off his HTML skillz. some comments, though.
  • i look like a sunburnt version of a fat black lady, maybe someone from the klumps.
  • C looks frightened, poor guy, must've been from the first solid shite he had in a while and was hoping his anus still knew the protocol.
  • B.T.J.Ho.V.J.G. looks like the joker, almost like his smile is painted on
  • and then you got redness. he looks like a version of the conan o'brien superimposed lips skits. fantabulous... splendiferous...
  • still, i'm sure there weren't a TON of pictures of any of us, directly head on. good work though.

    my little toenail is evolutionarily selected against. i'm sure my great-great-great-great gran'chillins will miss them


    Mike T said...

    Hey I look pretty damn good if I say so for myself. Props to ChumpAss for the good pic. Speaking of Chumpass, is there anything you can do with the background on the sides. Kinda like how Z did his site, it needs something to go with the black. I've seen some sites that have a cool design on the sides, and the design scrolls down the page when the browser scrolls down.

    Anonymous said...

    Love that you all got to put zac in there. All the more the better. The group would not be complete without ANY of you. Great site guys.

    zacs sister

    chad's mom said...

    chad...you are doing a great job and yes zac you do look like a fat black lady but quite attractive...love you all...chad's mom

    themom said...

    WHOA!!! zac a fat, black lady??? i know i gave birth to a beautiful little white boy!! well if michael jackson can go white guess slyght can go black. wouldn't his daddy be proud??? (tongue in cheek)