Sunday, January 01, 2006

new year's away from the boyz

it's a first. first time i've not been back home for new year's to share in the drunken debauchery and destruction that comes with partying with the BTB. it's currently about 5PM back home, 1 jan 06. right about now, i'd be peeling myself out of bed with a massive hangover wondering if i saw the ball come down, did i kiss anyone this year, did i kick anyone out of the house, or drop elbows on people? instead, it is 3:30AM (indian fukked up time), 2 jan 06, and i've been at work for 2.5 hours.

AND indians celebrate new year's 5 minutes early. that is, when i arrived here 11 months ago, i realized EVERY clock i saw was 5-10 minutes fast. granted the only clocks i saw were at the hotel and site, so i figured maybe it was a business thing. but at 11:54PM, 31 dec 05, all the indians in the bar start hootin' and hollerin', grindin' all up on each other, dancing with handkerchiefs as a partner, greeting us with 'happy new year'. now, i have a bit of OCD when it comes to organizing files on my computer, file names, and being on time. i check World Time Server about once a week and use AtomTime to check my computer clock to make sure my 2 phones and watch are correct. they were 6 minutes early. that's the ONLY time i've seen something happen ahead of schedule in this country. so 6 minutes later, me and two other TAs had our own american/pollock new year's ON TIME and threw back massive quantities of indian scotch whisky, champagne, and beer. no fukking saurkraut though. this place can go NUKE-BOOM as soon as i'm out of fallout range.

and what the fukk is up with the free porn link? i don't wanna be giving out false-advertising here. man, that is shite. it's a link to 100's of other links, blah. we need like StileProject or That's Fucked. now THOSE are good. or ABum or Break. i expect better. so i offer these up to BTB dictator/blog tweaker, chumpassfool castro, for approval or veto under the links.

just foolin' CAF, you're more like kim jong-il meets bill gates, but without the bad hair, napoleon complex, coke bottle glasses, and bloated OS. we coo'. and i don't know where the ghetto talk came from. i'm just tryin' to keep it real, yo.

let it be written, let it be done

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