Saturday, January 21, 2006

counter and stuff

--- ADMIN POST ---

hey chumpass. what about a counter? i know it's not perty, but i'm kinda curious how many people are checking this out besides our mamas. if you say yes, i have a counter from statcounter, that works well, i think i can add to the site visibly or invisibly. or you can go to or whatever counter you might prefer, and just make a general login/pswd we can all use in case anyone else is interested. get back to me.


ChumpAssFool said...

yeah, if you think a counter will be a good idea, i'm all for it. i'll check out statcounter and put one on as soon as i get more time.

slyght said...

yeah, i just like stats. sometihng small and discrete at the bottom somewhere. i'm a numbers guy. i want to get us some traffic.

also, if you make a banner for BTB (468 px wide by 60 px tall), i'll put it on blogexplosion with some of my credits toward it and get us some traffic.