Saturday, January 21, 2006

this one's for T-Diddy

T. i was in delhi renewing my visa, when lo and behold, what did i see. i'd been traveling for nearly 12 hours, was bleary eyed, it HAD to be an illusion. i went back the next day to double check and sure-as-shite, there it was... there really IS GE money. so it does exist. not necessarily in MY pocket, though they have been dropping a couple pennies my way this year, but if you REALLY want GE money, downtown new delhi, INDIA, next to the hyatt regency. it's all you, brah.
and as for someone not posting enough... where is redness? he's on the list, i think he exists. but no posting. come on, man, get on it. T has a complex already... ah, your the sick fukk who keeps voting voyeur on my blog. i see now. you perv.

i wonder if they need santa's at the titty bar around xxxmas in case the girls wanna sit on MY lap? come on, he's a pervert. sit on his lap for some toys? people get sent away for that, ya know.

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