Thursday, January 05, 2006

since chumpass doesn't read his e-mail

i have to comm through the blog...

hey chumpass, i know you didn't want anyone fooling with the code, i did a bit, but then realized your sidebar pic was small. the pic of the BTB boyz in richmond... do you have a larger hi-res? i made it so you can click on the pic and it brings it up in another window, but i want THAT pic to be bigger. if you have a bigger one, i can upload it to flickr, and they resize so if i click on it, it'll fit the window. get back to me. if you don't like it, change the html i added. it's just an <a> tag. when's CPoMultimedia going to be coming up? later.

1 comment:

ChumpAssFool said...

1. I don't care if you tweek the code, just let me know what you're planning on doing.

2. I post all pics for this site on my hosting page at (I'll upload a larger image of the Richmond gang a little later.