Saturday, May 06, 2006

Shhhhhh.... He's Sleeping

Here is Z taking some ZZZZZZZZ's. Hey Z, I put my arm down in a crevace on the couch and came up with a you want it back??????


slyght said...

yup yup, that's me praying to/dreaming of my miller lite bottle. i have no excuse, i was either drunk, jet-lagged, tired, or... any and/or all of the above. i had fun though.

you can hold on to it, send it to my house, courier it to my house by hand, whatever. as long as we know where it is. thanks.

themom said...

he ONLY has a million watches, he will never miss the damn thing, unless it is a "24" hour watch, binary code watch, but oh nooooo - hope it is not the "Lone Ranger" watch. yuk yuk