Saturday, December 13, 2008


anyone interested in doing something different this news years? i've been talking to people to look into things and so far these are some decent ideas that seem cool. we'll taxi about, whatever, just have fun and get out.
  1. The Lodge Bar - $15 advance tickets, $2 draft, $3 wells, we can reserve a table ahead of time, live music by Bling Crosbys

  2. Frog Bear Wild Boar - platinum package is $40 per person, reserved table, dinner buffet 7-10pm, complimentary bottle of bubbly, live music by Introspect and DJ Nohbody

  3. McFadden's - $100/person for table of 4, complimentary bottle of champagne, dinner buffet, live music and dancing, OPEN BAR!!! or if we didn't want a table, it is the same benefits without the table for $70/person ($65/person if we have more 10+ people)
i seriously think all of them look fun and affordable, it's something new for us to do. it'll be fun. i've only ever been to FBWB myself. anyone been to the others? reviews? plus, with the free bottle of champagne and open bar at McFadden's, i think whichever option we might choose, we'd end up saving money. i'm seriously up for any of those ideas, or let's try some other place. also, i invite anyone to come up with other suggestions. let me know.


steadman said...

Juddy and I are in for whatever. Important to note that Mcfadden's is on south campus so may be loaded with college kids.

slyght said...

i LOVE college kids, especially college girls, i'm gonna wear my W-2 pinned to my shirt. i have no scruples.

B Town Chump said...

Not too sure what we're going to do yet. If history dictates... I'll probably have to work New Year's Eve 'til 10, so it'll be too late to go out by the time I get home from work, especially if I have to go downtown. I know Jackie has to work New Year's day and probably won't want to go out NY eve if we have to pay to go to a bar (assuming I don't have to work all night.) Nevertheless, I'm fairly sure I'll be available all day New Year's day for drinking and bowl games, so that may be the option for me. I'll keep you informed as details develop.