Thursday, December 18, 2008

NYE, part deux

ok, i've gotten some action on the plans but not as much as i'd hoped; actually, only JHo and TheSteadman, and Chump might have to work. so, here's the dilly. i'm thinking mcfadden's ($100), but we need 1 or 5 more people (or 9 if we're feeling frisky) to round out the 4 person/table thing. if we don't get good numbers, i'll book whoever is down to go to FBWB. it doesn't seem they have a table minimum. no open bar :-( but i'll survive i'm sure, hah.

my plan is to give you guys a few days to think, (i'll email too) and i'll book reservations around the 22nd or 23rd. get back to me here, at my yahoo, or at my gmail account. TheGeneral address if you must, but i won't be checking it as often. i'll be available on my US phone as of 7PM EST on friday, the 19th. later.


Amy said...

J & I are leaning towards the lodge bar. Thinking we would do drinks here... maybe even dinner? Anyone intersted? Closer for a cab ride home, (if anyone needs a place to crash you are welcome!)

REDNESS said...

I say we just have an orgy at our place.