Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Final Push

Never in the HISTORY of my life or any of the BTB'Z has an election become more important. The HISTORY of the UNITED STATES is at stake; as well as the condition of the entire EARTH. What happens TUESDAY determines what could happen WORLDWIDE for the next CENTURY! In one day, the DICTATORSHIP could end. And in January, the beginning of a "NEW AMERICAN CENTURY" could begin, bringing rise to a removal of the CORPORATE POWER MONGERS and NEOCONSERVATIVE demagogs. Please, if you are as fed-up with the way the U.S.A. is barreling toward "A NEW CONSTITUTION", then remove all those who would do anything to keep their power at the EXPENSE OF DEMOCRACY. VOTE TUESDAY!

Also, If you have seen this man, call the police. He is extremely DANGEROUS!!!

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