Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ferry getting Prograss Turf??? WTF???

Apparently it's true. Here are some pics.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Martins Ferry is getting Pro Turf. With the new high and grade schools, new gym, baseball field, all the renovations they are doing to the football field I am sending my kids to Ferry. I know once a Big Red always a Big Red, but there are just much more opportunities for my kids at Ferry. Not only in sports but in the class room.

I know I am not the only one in Bellaire that feels the same way. There has been some things going on here in Bellaire that many parents do not like and most feel it would be better to send their kids else where with many thinking Ferry is the way to go.

C said...

Now they just need a good football team to play on it. That probably won't happen until week 10 of the 2007 season.

If you want a measurable difference in education, send your kid to Linsly. Better yet, move to Columbus and find a private school there. Do you seriously think your kid's going to go pro in a sport by going to Ferry instead of Bellaire because of the facilities or be accepted to Harvard because of the "higher" academic standards at Ferry than at Bellaire? If you don't like the teaching staff or the administration, that's one thing, but don't cite athletic resources and academics as the reasons.

Mike T said...

Well said C. The Btown Boyz are doing pretty damn good in life having an education from Bellaire. I didn't think we reached anyone else in the valley aside from the moms, sisters, and various other family members. I do think it's nice that Ferry is improving their schools and athletics, but are they planning to spend the money for upgrades, such as computers, and do they also plan on recruiting better teachers. You can build a new school, but how does it make for a better educational system if you're just going to move everything from one building to another. Also, if this is going to give athletes a better chance at succeeding they may want to think about getting rid of Bruney. How's any kid going to get better under a coach that plays his starters for the entire game to run up the score? Once a Big Red always a Big Red is correct, but it's also about pride, spirit, and tradition. Anonymous, will your kids learn that at Ferry?

Football_Fan_87 said...

Hummm, maybe some of you Bellaire fans don't know what has been going on at Bellaire the past few years.

When a drug dealer is let back onto the team after missing the entire year and takes over a kid who has been the starter since week one time to send the kids to another program.

C said...

Hummm, maybe your dumb ass should read the post. No one said they approved of some of the decisions made, including allowing a drug dealer back on the team. I cannot believe it was allowed to happen. But again, if you don't like the staff or administration, leave. We are simply saying that when all is said and done, college admission departments and college and NFL scouts aren't going to give two shits about which high school you went to, Bellaire or Ferry.