Thursday, June 07, 2007

God tells him what to do??? Well who...

tells the POPE what to do? George W. Bush has been slammed by the old Pope (John Paul II) about the debacle in Iraq and his administration's foreign policy, and, soon, he'll be slammed by the new Pope when he visits the Vatican this week.

Good Job Bush!!! He has even pissed off the Pope. But he says that God speaks to him during his prayer sessions and tells him what to do in every decision. So, which one is talking to the real God, and which one is a heretic using the notion of God to promote his own agenda??? Ask any religious freak in the U.S. and they will say Bush is doing God's work. So if Bush is hearing the TRUE God, than the Pope is a heretic, and, in doing so isn't these freaks heretics themselves since they don't believe the Pope??? So you can say all these religious freaks are going to HELL and WORK FOR THE DEVIL because of the disdain for the Pope??


Anonymous said...

They're both asses. Anybody who can say "God called, dead babies now go to heaven instead of limbo" with a straight face is just as bad as Bush.

On a more general note, this blog suffers from an over-abundance of politics and a shortage of boobies. Kudos to the jizz-soaked glasses, though!

Mike T said...

The blog does suffer from an over-abundance of politics and a shortage of boobies, but politics is J Ho's thing. I say let J Ho continue with his politics and the rest of us will try to compensate with more boobies.