Tuesday, April 03, 2007

B-Town Boyz Make National T.V.

Early Sunday morning, Bristol, Tennessee. BTB'z Chump, JHo, and Slyght (a.k.a. Z) arise from bed to greet the day they've been practicing all week for... race day. All the boozing and drunken nights since Tuesday when they arrived have led up to this. One last day to celebrate NASCAR. One last horrah to send vacation out with a bang. One last opportunity to get shitty drunk before returning to the real world. What better way to face the morning sun than a few brews and a walk to the Jack Daniels tent to start things off real good. I had a couple Jack 'n' Cokes, Z had at least one straight and JHo finished off with a Bloody Mary. The buzz was kickin' in and it was time to get on the move. Z still had some souvenir shopping to do. While walking around the track we encountered the Speed crew's live broadcast of Nascar RaceDay built by the Home Depot. With the crowd already a hundred deep, we stopped to witness the spectacle and catch up on some beer while we were at it. Looming in the very back of the crowd, far away from the camera's eye, JHo was handed something. It wasn't any illegal drugs or religious literature as you might expect, but a huge American flag. "What have we got here?" I thought to myself. To which I answered to myself, "...our best chance to get on T.V." We grabbed the flag and then our cell phones to call friends and family back home to watch for us. After a half-hour or so we had had enough. There was still shopping and drinking to do and we had to be moving on. The question of whether or not we made it on live t.v. weighed heavily on everyones mind. There may be no way to tell. Maybe we just missed out on our only chance to show this world what the B-Town Boyz are really made of! But alas, there's no more worrying. WE DID IT! WE REALLY DID IT!


themom said...

You are all Officially "THE B-TOWN BOYZ MEDIA DARLINGS!!" That's wonderful!! Next year we will make you GIANT name tags!

slyght said...

i think you have me and JHo mixed. i think i had a big budweiser "B" on my hat and juddy had his "harvard law school" hat on. looks like there is more yellow on the guy on the left, but i can't be sure

B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

the photo is correct. i am wearing my yellow volleyball shirt and red adidas hat.