Tuesday, April 10, 2007

here goes nothin'

Double Standard?

ok, what don imus said was stupid. still, i've heard worse, i'm sure even worse than what i've heard has been said. still, i don't think blacks are nearly as oppressed as they used to be. there is going to be bigotry against different people, against jews, and mexicans, and arabs for a long time to come. it's a part of being human. we are afraid of things that are different. we, as a culture are improving bit by bit, generation by generation. in my opinion, this was a spur-of-the-moment bad joke in bad taste.

and the beauty of it, it gives the reverends al sharpton and jesse jackson a reason to jump back into the spotlight. who the hell is al sharpton to demand imus's resignation? he's a reverand, a pastor, someone who should be versed in forgiveness and showing someone the error of their ways, not retaliation and retribution, that's up to his "god" to take care of, but he couldn't make money that way. imus was man enough to go on sharpton's radio show to apologize to his audience (i'm guessing primarily black), and sharpton still asked for his resignation. wtf?! sharpton and jackson aren't civil rights leaders/activists, they are the racial equivalent of ambulance chasers.

there's long been the arguments... what if someone made WET, "white entertainment television" in response to BET, black entertainment television. what if there was an NAAWP in response to the NAACP? i'm sure there are white people that are discriminated against in one way or another that would benefit (bums, white kids in black neighborhoods, etc.). these people do exist.

so... what would happen if someone came out to defend "the white man" against the dangerous ideas (i don't think this guy was joking, being it was C-SPAN) of mr. kamau kambon in this clip? calling for him to be... i don't know, arrested, monitored, followed because of his threatening remark against all white people on the planet. i just don't get it. granted, the situation isn't exactly equal but there is a definite double-standard here.

maybe i'll be the white al sharpton (but with better hair and no need for religious affiliation).

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