Friday, March 10, 2006

random things from the BTB in India (BTBI²)

  • i cut two legs off a daddy-long legs today, i felt bad at his floundering, so i gassed it with the indian version of raid. i might be bored. or a serial killer. or a nazi... nah, bored.

  • i think the term 'scapegoat' comes from the bible. for some sins you have to bring two goats to the slaughterhouse/place of penance... one to be sacrificed and one be released carrying your sins into the wild.

  • my 38" waist pants are way loose, i think i might be in 36's or POSSIBLY 34's. WHOA!

  • my fingertips are sore and getting numb from my guitar. my teacher tells me that is good.

  • my tummy-tum hurts

  • i read in the bible this morning that god forbids us from having tattoos. man, that god guy is a laugh-riot.

  • ♂ + ♀ - jimmy hat = babies

  • 5 352e ASC55. <--- that is 'i like ASCII' on an IBM T41 laptop with the 'Num Lock' on.

  • i've been on anti-biotics (for malaria) for about 7 months now. that CAN'T be good. i'll stop them when i'm done and die from a sniffle --- YEA SMALLPOX!

EDIT: rockabilly was old hat, but the fans still loved him.


ChumpAssFool said...

The end quote that you left with is all wrong. And I know this because that is one of my favorite quotes from the inane algebra books we had in school. The correct quote is: "Rockabilly was old hat, but the fans still loved him."

slyght said...

thanks. i was racking my brain and couldn't figure out the context. but didn't we mod this a bit for good ol' bill morgan, i think that's where the 'girls' game from. dunno. either way, it's fixed.