Thursday, March 16, 2006

nope, that's not a disability

did ya hear the one about Miss Deaf Texas? walking on railroad tracks shouldn't be on the approved-hobbies list for deaf people.

and here's a name for the ages.

post-prandial dip: a sauce of sorts eaten on a variety of foods that induces drowsiness *ZZZZzzzz*


steadman said...

you'd think she'd have FELT the damn thing of the fittest...

C said...

oh my... ummmm... what to say about this. I'll go with...

She deserved it?

She was starting a new life and wasn't looking back?

The engineer was actually Miss Deaf Texas, 1st runner-up, and would stop at nothing to get the crown?

I could go on and on. Not really, that's all I got.

Ridor said...

Steadman, feeling vibration is the classic myth.

But again, judging your comments, you're what I termed as "fow".

Did you know that there was a hearing man who got struck by a train ... TWICE in Boston two weeks ago? NO, you took the time to talk about Miss Deaf Texas.

Do us a favor, blow your brains out.


slyght said...

ridor is bitter. that's funny. i've met some deaf people through steadman, and i find most of them to have a chip on their shoulder, and it's too bad. most of them could've been nice. i think ridor's problem is the super minority, he's deaf, he's gay, and (maybe not anymore), he's fat, so he's gonna get hammered by the jokes.

i'm fat, and i like fat jokes. i don't like bitter, gay, deaf people with chips on their shoulders.

we made fun because of the situation, not specifically because she was deaf, that just happened to be part of the situation that made it funny. deaf people shouldn't put themselves in a position like that, fat people shouldn't try to crawl through little holes, clumsy people shouldn't walk highwires or catwalks. those would all be just as funny, but i doubt highwire walkers would be so offended. now THOSE guys are a REAL minority.

simmer down now, ridor. we don't hate you.

Anonymous said...