Saturday, March 18, 2006

the BTBI² sits down with some fans on st. patty's day

this is myself, emma, and janusz (pronounced yawn-osh) at the hotel bar, cheers, on st. patty's day. you can see our green beer courtesy of TheMom finding green powdered food coloring. before we went to the bar, i wanted to see if it had a scent, so i breathed in deeply. hahaha, i was sneezing green for like 15 minutes.

<ASIDE> this is very similar to the time i worked at a restaurant mopping after hours. i wondered why in the cartoons when they breathed pepper, they sneezed. you can see it now. i took a hefty whiff of some pepper and was sneezing my entire shift and then some.</ASIDE>

anyways, the green beer was a hit, emma tried some green whiskey. it did turn green, but the powder clumped up at the bottom for some reason. and TheMom, i had my guinness boxers on.

*unintelligible drunken blather* grpsa dmkfopw do lkvrpv a wayne!... pfsvo garth!


themom said...

i wonder - does the green powdered food coloring smell???? since you tried it already - NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE TOO!! warped warped warped!!! glad you had a HAPPY SPD.

C said...

Remember chemistry labs? You gotta WAFT the fumes towards your nose. Not to be confused with SHAFT, who is the black private dick and a sex machine to all the chicks.

slyght said...

i think you can only waft something that is being heated, as i do my crackpipe. if i'd've placed said green powder in a spoon, heated it with my Bic, now that might've worked for the wafting, but then i'd've need to find a cotton ball, syringe, etc. cuz i don't leave no damn thing unfinished.