Thursday, March 02, 2006

and to tide you over...

i'm not ashamed of my porn. my watching it, my purchasing it, my making it (keep that quiet)... i'm not to the point of wanking to the bra section of the sears catalog and all, but i can appreciate a good before-and-after breast augmentation site. for those of you BTBz who are afraid that might be depraved, i submit this as something to tide you over while you wait for Pirates to make it's rounds. any B-Town Girlz interested in one of these?

ah dammit, i just rubbed tabasco sauce in my eye. must irrigate and huddle in the corner crying.

officer, i SWEAR to the Prince-of-Darkness-Who-Will-Come-To-Initiate-The-Earth-In-Eternal-Flames that i couldn't've been doing more than 60MPH

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ChumpAssFool said...

Yay! Virtual titties.