Monday, March 27, 2006

the jesuit... in INDIA?!?!

WJU in indiaso, i open the paper today to do my morning sudoku ritual on the ride to work, and i see this article (click for a bigger image), and don't be distracted by my skillfully played sudoku game as.

must be a slow day in india news when the cardinals make it onto the back page of The Hindu newspaper in Rajahmundry, INDIA. GO CARD's. who's alma mater is WJU, again? redness and... wasko? anyways WJU found me around the globe, and i was happy to hear some Valley news.

hope you BTBz at the bristol race had a good time. maybe i'll be there next year or for the night race.


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themom said...

glad slyght remembered how to spell those words. may come in handy in life!!!