Monday, December 18, 2006

well you made me do it

ok, since i don't have a place in columbus, i went and rented one. don't get excited, it's not a REAL rental, i reserved a room at a marriott hotel as centrally located as i could figure to the people there.

consider this an invite to the BTBZ, associated significant others and a few friends they might want to bring. jules and i will be in columbus at the hotel from sometime on 29-dec-06 (friday) through 1-jan-07 (monday). if no one is wanting to host a NYE party, let's do it there, at the hotel. there is sofa bed if anyone wants to crash and we might be able to get a rollaway. let's drink, watch TV, i'll have the obligatory porn though it WON'T be playboy as in year's past. we can play cards, get food, yeah, i already said drink. i know it's not a fancy invite. i'll be able to provide some beer and food, please feel free to bring some of your own as well. let's have some fun.

e-mail me if you think you'll wanna be there, and i'll send you the address. if i don't hear from anyone, jules and i will have to fend for ourselves and find a bar or party going on downtown. up to you. i'll be waiting to hear from you.

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