Tuesday, March 20, 2007

NDS and Prick

I missed a very important phone call the other night. T and Chad were trying to recall the rules to a game Chad made up called Prick. The next day T and I brainstormed and put our thoughts together with what T and Chad had recalled the night before. Here's what we've come up with...

Deal out all the cards as evenly as possible to the players.
Cards go as follows:
Number cards = number of drinks
Jacks = 2x the number of the card(s) played
Queens = Kill it and fill it
Kings = 3x the number of the card(s) played
Aces = Reverse the drinks back to the original player
Pairs, Triples, and Quads can be laid together
Jacks and Kings can be laid on any number card(s) and more than one can be played at once.
Play passes to the last player told to drink.
When the first player plays his last card, the remaining players drink their cards.

The best way to show how it's played is with a few examples of gameplay.

Chad lays down two 8's and tells Clint to drink. Clint drinks 16 - 8+8=16.
Clint lays down two 5's and a Jack and tells T to drink. T drinks 20 - (5+5)*2=20.
T lays down a Queen and tells Juddy to drink. Juddy kills remaining beer and gets a new beer. T could NOT play a Jack or King on the Queen.
Juddy lays down a 10, a Jack, and a King and tells Red to drink. Red drinks 60 - 10*2*3=60.
Red lays down four 4's and tells Z to drink. However Z throws an Ace. Red drinks 16 - 4+4+4+4=16.
Z wants revenge and lays down three 7's and tells Red to drink. Red drinks 21 - 7+7+7=21. Suddenly Red is now drunk.

Originally T and I thought red cards meant "give drinks" and black meant "take drinks". The more I thought about it the more I think it went like above. Also since it was brutal to take 20+ drinks routinely, we would do a quick count instead of making people take every drink. So, the person giving the drinks would normally count the drinker down. Of course, at first the counting was slow and as we got drunk the counts sped up. Eventually (usually after two rounds) no one could count and the game broke down.

Out of time for now Sports Fans. Please post additions, deletions, and corrections and let's play next time we all get together.

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jean said...

oh my what a fun game...and to think my son made it up [proud of you chad]..i'm just so happy you all survived the game and you are all grown up now and we parents don't have to worry anymore...ha ha
love you all