Friday, June 06, 2008

We Are Blackmailing Them?

All throughout Bush's regime, we have heard of Iraq's wanting us to remain in Iraq (and keep those 50 plus U.S. bases operational until the end of time - Biblical Apocalypse ha ha). It turns out Iraq really doesn't want us there. But they are being blackmailed by the Bush Administration into keeping us there. Here's the deal: Through lawsuits (the U.S.'s greatest strength) the U.S. courts have awarded the U.S. 20 billion dollars over the past few years; but the Bush Admin has put a hold on any payments by Iraq; and the Bush Admin has said they would end that protection if the Iraqi's deny any base building in Iraq; and there is 50 billion dollars of Iraqi assets in the U.S. Treasury; it would be very easy for the federal courts to take that money.

Blackmail: another sin committed by that Christian hypocrite.

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