Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Countrywide Financial: 1969-2008

IndyMac: 1985-2008

Bears Sterns: 1923-2008

Fannie Mae: 1923-2008

Freddie Mac: 1968-2008

Lehman Brothers: 1844-2008

Merrill Lynch: 1914-2008

American International Group (AIG): 1919-2008

Lehman Brothers survived WWI, WWII, and the Fukkin' Depression! But couldn't survive the housing crisis. Predatory Lending, the Housing Bubble Burst, and several other factors led to the demise of these and many more financial institutions. Many Americans were severely affected by this collapse.

But you don't see them getting bailed out by the Government. Except for a stimulus check that was gobbled up by Oil Companies who happened to increase gasoline prices during that time to $5.00/gallon; and grocery stores who raised basic food prices to record numbers during that time.


Bernie Mac: 1957 - 2008

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