Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Some of Them

There are a few HUGE banks about to fold. Now, to suppress American panic, the names of these banks are not being exclaimed by the media, but I'll tell you who. They rhyme with: "Skank" of America and "Shitty" Bank.

Well, when you make your bed out of shit, you have to sleep in it. Tell me if you or someone you know have heard this or in some way like this, "It's the American Dream, to own a home. Sure, you have no money down. But, we at ___ Bank have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage that will give you the dream everyone else has. Yes, your mortgage rate will reset in 12/18 months, but don't worry.... I will re-finance with you when that time comes."

These banks, especially the C.E.O.'s... actually mostly the chief executives... made millions and millions off these Adjustable Rate Loans. The banks, though, were stuck with these volatile assets. So who came running to their aid? Like Mother Theresa to starving children? The Government. And what did the banks say? "Give us the money, and WE promise to start loaning again." What did the do? Gobbled up all the money like the Cookie Monster stumbled into a Tollhouse factory and bought private jets and continued Executive Bonuses.

How can we solve this problem? Be like China. We may be owned by China, but we do not act like China. When 2 businesses in China supplied, to school children, milk which was tainted with melamine, China sentenced the two company's C.E.O. to DEATH!

Now, am I saying that any person who took part in the SCAM perpetrated on the American people by DICKS who watched "Boiler Room" too many times, and thought they were smarter than they actually were should be put to death? No, not all of them.

Just a few of them. Just like the poem Beowulf, use some the antagonists body parts and place them all around the perimeter of the Wall Street sector. Just as a reminder that "this could be you." Otherwise, the banks will keep getting the bailout money, the jets will still be purchased, the exurbanite amount of raises will remain steady, cubicle-living-creeps will still con a Grandmother into a new predatory loan, and ...

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