Saturday, July 01, 2006

something-or-other wizards

i remember back in the day, being in odyssey of the minds, OM. i was a nerd, and it was fun. i won't apologize for that. i do regret that is didn't help getting the ladies, but to the chaos theory, had i not done it, it is very likely i'd not be where i am in life, and it's not a bad place to be. not perfect, but not bad. this is leading me to an OM competition i was in, we went to state. it was a great time and aone of the best years i had. we were wizards that year (you had to make a skit, no matter the problem), and the problem was basically a rube goldberg thing. we had to make 10 or so things happen with a 5-second delay between, but we couldn't touch it once it started. i'm tooting my own horn, of course, but we did an amazing job. i wish i still had the thing. chumpassfool made some awesome stuff for it including a spring-loaded box.

ah the good ol days.' but i'm not here to reminisce. i'm here to show you this link. it is about 14 minutes (the interlude around 10 minutes is kinda funny, those crazy orientals) so it takes some patience, but i'm so infatuated with rube goldberg setups lately. i wish i had time back home to get chumpass and everyone together to just get hammered and make something crazy. i seriously recommend if you have the connection (i do for the day since i'm away from work in a semi-better city/hotel) and the time, to check it out. i like the one with the angled books, the magnets, and the balls in series. wow. i'm a nerd. i'm listening (and singing to) to def leppard's 'photograph'. life is good.


ChumpAssFool said...

I too long for the days of OM. And I too am quite a fan of rube goldburg contraptions. I have often designed similar things in my mind when I'm bored, or am trying to fall to sleep, and I've always wanted to build one. But I think it should have some function, like to open a can of beer, cool it over ice, then pour it into a glass. You know, something the B-town Boyz can get behind.

That video was pretty awsome (, says the nerd in me). Those crazy orientals have some mad creative skills. I especially liked the creepy interlude with the two asian hit men surrounded by four idential women (they all look the same anyway.) It sounds like they're singing some sort of oriental kid's song, playing patty-cake and all, then all of the sudden they burst into screaming dialogue. WTF?

Z, next time you're in the States (which may be soon, I hear), we'll drive to Lowe's, drop some GE money, and have the best damn rube goldburg beer opener in town! Maybe Sean-y will even let us install it at the F-Bar.

mom said...

zac and chad...those were really the good old days for me and marie as well as you guys...was always amazed at the things you om boys came up with...nerds or not we loved you two and were very proud of both of you...i still remember the famous basketball game and how you both showed your atheletic were so multi-talented!!!!
love you two mom (jean)