Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Chump and T Show featuring Joe

Here's a few pics of me and T. You may not recognize the third guy in two of the pics. That's Joe. While he's not a B-Town Boy, he is a Valley Boy (originally from Mingo Junction) and married to a girl from B-Town.

Joe, Chump, and T enjoying a Mug-o-Rita at Adobe Gilas

T and Chump thug-style at Adobe's again (with another Mug-o-Rita)

T, Chump, and Joe at Comfest 2006


Mike T said...

"The Chump and T Show" featuring Joe. Someone call Howard Stern, we got the next big thing for Sirius. I forgot about these pics. That second pic reminds me of me and Juddy being the "old guys" at River City.

themom said...

very interesting. party animals!!