Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A B-Town Boy P.S.A.

It is not attractive. It is not cool. It makes people wonder if you are on drugs. It may stop you from eating hot wings. This disease is called "Hyperhidrosis", or "Excessive-Sweating Syndrome". It affects 1% of the worlds population (and possibly several of the B.T.B.'S) and can be treated. If you or a loved one suffers from 'E.S.S.', please, call or instruct that person to call a physician.

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slyght said...

zac: HI... um, my name's zac
group: hi, zac!
zac: hi, well my name is zac, and i'm... i'm... well, i'm hyperhidrotic.
group: *applause*

Mike T said...

T: Hi Zac, I'm your hyperhidrotic group leader. You can call me T. Please don't be afraid to share your feelings with the group.

jean said...

this is hysterical...you boyz are one of a kind and i love it
love ya jean